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Rustic Boho Living Room, Design c/o Havenly

if you've ever wondered what it's like to work with @thehavenly, the amazingly talented interior decorators that offer full room designs in an online service via their app, i've outlined the step-by-step service, including my rustic boho living room renderings and my comments shared with my designer #homedecor #interiordesign

The third time is turning out to be such a charm with Havenly. It was love at first design when I worked with them on John’s toddler boy surf shack (I’ll be sharing updated pics soon with his big boy bed), then they created a magical space fit for my little wildflower in Sydney’s baby girl nursery, and now, we’ve moved on to my living room. I’m excited to share below our rustic boho living room collaboration so far, with a room reveal to come in a couple of months.

By now, you probably already know how deeply madly in love I am with Havenly and their amazing designers. Once again, I’ve teamed up with Shelby G. to create a space that’s warm and inviting – a space that guests will feel is their home away from home with a cozy blanket and a glass of wine. As with my other spaces, I needed a room that is very childproofed, so no coffee tables with sharp corners or floor lamps that will tip. We spend a lot of time in the living room with our kids, so I wanted the space to be super chic, yet child friendly, which is not always an easy combo.

Right now, I am loving open, airy coastal spaces, but nothing too literal like nautical colors, coral designs or rope accents. I also wanted to steer clear of mid-century influences that are becoming so main stream right now. I am not a main stream kinda girl… I prefer a lean towards traditional pieces that will stand the test of time, so no print with a pile of people frolicking on the beach for me. As much as I love/worship the beach, I actually live on a lake, so I wanted a space that could go either way… abstract art that could be translated as either beach or lake – is that a beach or a lake horizon? is that a palm or a fern leaf print???

I’m also crazy about earth tones right now. I wanted a mix of all shades of indigo that can be found in the sky, lots of wood tones, dark green leafy plants, with white and concrete accents. Also, since I’ve mixed metals in my home, bronze and chrome, we threw in a bit of that into my earthy, boho rustic living room space. I love the way this has all come together.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted from the beginning, but as always, Shelby has brought out something in this design that I could have never done on my own. She always goes above and beyond my expectations and every room rendering she’s sent my way (John’s surf shack, Sydney’s wildflower nursery, and now our living room below) has literally made my eyes a little misty. I just get so excited when a message pops up on my Havenly app saying my design is ready. Eek, it’s just too much fun!

Take a look below as I walk you through the process of designing a room with Havenly

Step 1 – Launch Your Room Profile

The first step in designing a room with Havenly is launching your profile. This includes uploading inspiration pics, providing pics of your room from every angle, and answering their very specific questions about your space. They cover everything from preferred color swatches, patterns, and materials to room dimensions.

Here is my inspiration, noting the running theme of earthy materials, with hints of indigo blue, deep greens, wood tones, and splashes of chrome. For each item that you upload, you can comment on what you do or don’t like about your inspirations.

“love everything about this space – the blues, the greens, the pops of chrome accents, and the rustic coffee table”

“not wild about the skull artwork, but i do love the blues and the boho vibes”

“i have marble in my kitchen and i love the blue shelves. this space is perfect but i’d switch out the gold for chrome”

“love the wood details and dramatic vibes”

“not wild about the mid-century modern chandelier, but i love everything else about this open airy space, in particular the color palette and earth tones”

Step 2 – Review Initial Ideas

This step is new and so important to gauging the initial direction of your space. Before the designer dives into a concept (next step), you now have the opportunity to review 3 ideas and offer feedback. Using my current couch and a couple of other pieces of existing furniture, here are the ideas I received and my feedback given on each…

“LOVE the rug and the colors in the artwork!”

“love the inky indigo pillow and the serene abstract beachy artwork.”

“i love contrast, but this idea is a bit too neutral for me”

Step 3 – Concepts

This is where the fun really starts to pick up. You are offered two concepts and you can either run with one, or do what I did… like and dislike products from both so that your final rendering can be a mix of each concept.

Overall, I thought the first concept was a little trendier with the bamboo shades and midcentury modern inspired beach print, which I LOVE by the way, but I wanted to lean towards a more mature design. With the second concept, I love the moody feel, but the artwork was a bit too modern for me.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Step 4 – Room Renderings

Wow, I thought I knew what I wanted but Shelby really helped my ideas take shape when she offered this room rendering. I was able to provide a floor plan, so the room rendering is freakishly similar to my actual living/kitchen/dining space. I am literally looking into my own living room. Here is my response to Shelby on her amazing renderings…

“the reason im so in love with your room rendering is because you delivered what i didnt even know i wanted lol. which is the sign of an amazingly talented designer! i think what i LOVE about this rendering is that it’s so earthy with the wood-tones, blues, gray/concrete, whites, and greenery. the artwork is abstract, so its a nod to my love of the beach, without being a literal beach (like all of the mid-century modern spaces i keep seeing with the beach scenes or green palm leaves). also, although it looks like it could be a cozy beach house, because the beach art is abstract (is it a fern or is it a palm leaf?), it could also work for a lake, since we actually live on a lake.

again, you gave me what i didn’t even know i wanted lol. i guess the only other thing that might work would be very small touches of chrome, since that’s one of my metals used throughout my house. maybe a candlestick or something?”

Step 5 – Shop Your Room

I’m currently shopping my space from directly within the Havenly app. It couldn’t be easier! Once your list is complete, they’ll order everything and handle any returns. Check back for my rustic boho living room reveal, coming soon.

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