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Baby Girl’s First Birthday Invitation


I hope you all will help me decide which picture to use for my baby girl’s first birthday invitation! I took a poll of my family on Facebook, and after several responses, they were no help at all lol. It was a full on tie, so ball is back in my court and I can’t decide.

I cannot believe Sydney is a month away from one! I cannot believe my last baby is almost a toddler. While I was extrememly upset about this when John graduated, there’s a part of me that is just so happy I made it through this super tough year.

Sydney was extremely colic for 6 months and didn’t sleep a wink. She would freak out if we weren’t holding her, so I gave in just to keep the peace. I lived in our recliner day after day, night after night, so I’m not sure which I’ll be celebrating more at her birthday party, her first year of life or my survival lol.

Sometimes I don’t realize how much we’ve progressed until I look back on what we are able to do in a weekend, and this one was amazing. Months ago the goals were nap and shower. This weekend, I learned how to make yogurt, made a pumpkin cream cheese roll for John’s teacher’s birthday, we launched a rocket that John and daddy built together, and I took these pics for Sydney’s first birthday invitation.

We’re only inviting a few people over, mostly family, but a girl needs an invitation, right? These pics are inspired by a few I found on Pinterest – I tried to recreate this one of a baby in a tutu holding a giant pink balloon on a bridge, and I think I came as close as possible given different lighting and scenery. For fun, I also plopped her in a basket we had on hand and tied the balloon to the top so it would look like my baby girl was in a hot air balloon. Someone passing by asked if we were about to launch our baby and I yelled back, “I hope not” lol.

So please help me decide which pic to choose for my baby girl’s first birthday invitation. The pink hot air balloon, or her in a tutu holding the balloon on a bridge? My family either tied, or said both, so according to them, she is going to have a book style invitation for all 2 people invited!


If you’d like to recreate these pics, the most affordable 36″ latex balloons I could find were on Amazon, and the ivory tutu pettiskirt was from there as well. I’m going to blow all 6 balloons up and have them around the house for her party to coordinate with the invitation. The round seagrass basket is from Target. I made the bow with lace I found at Michael’s threaded onto an alligator clip.

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