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John’s “Surf Shack” Room

Toddler Boy Surf Shack Room Design Theme

John’s “toddler boy room” renderings, courtesy of Havenly, have been delivered and I am beyond excited! I know exactly what I like, but I really needed help from a professional decorator to hone in all of my ideas. Most things I just do myself because I am so picky that I fear collaborating with someone and not being thrilled with the results. Luckily, Havenly was able to take my ideas and deliver a design that exceeded my expectations! I am so excited about his new “toddler boy” room and I can’t wait to start building it out, hopefully before the holidays. Follow along on Instagram to get behind the scenes pics of the process.

In case you missed it, check out my initial review of Havenly, including their affordable services, design process, and John’s concept boards.

You all voted {here and here} on the design you liked best, and I’m so with you… I also preferred the safari room, but I got a little greedy and thought, why not have both! We’d love to have another kiddo, hopefully sooner than later, so maybe we can go with the safari room, which seems a little younger with its soft neutral color palette, if we do have a second baby someday. The surf shack room will definitely grow with John, and I just think he has this sporty style and personality {wearing plaid button down shirts and cargo shorts} that seemed to suit the surf shack room a little better. We also live in Florida, not too far from the beach, so that was one more reason the surf shack made the cut.

Below are the renderings that Havenly delivered, including my notes on each, so that you can see how the process evolved from the initial concept to the final rendering.

Initial Surf Shack Concept Board

Toddler Boy Surf Shack Room Design Theme

This is the initial “surf shack” concept board. I asked Havenly for a room that was a little mature for a 1 year old, with a focus on childproofing, of course, so that his room could grow with him. He’s getting so big so fast!

My other ideas were to feature a reading/art nook that really stood out from the rest of the room, and switch out the curtains for roller shades so that they are not in the way of his favorite play area, right in front of the window. I also requested the the walls be a part of the design, perhaps through a stenciled design or decals, and I thought it would be fun to work in a real surf board.

Room Rendering 1

Toddler Boy Surf Shack Room Design Theme

Toddler Boy Surf Shack Room Design Theme

How perfectly did Havenly translate my requests from the concept board into an amazing room rendering?!?! They got it so right! The reading/art nook is perfectly delineated from the rest of the room with bead board and book shelves, and I LOVE the stenciled waves. I couldn’t be more excited about Havenly’s idea to hang the surfboard from rope. I didn’t want a kitchy nautical room that looked like it was a bagged set purchased from a party store, so the rustic bookshelves, surfboard, and rope gave his room an authentic edge.

My requests from this rendering were to try a monochromatic 2-tone design for the waves, with silver paint over a darker silver paint, and to try a blue and white striped rug to bring back the color and pattern we lost from those fun curtains in the concept board. As much as I LOVE that pendant, we also had to lose it since John already has a pretty large ceiling fan in his room. Lastly, I don’t think John would use the pouf, so I asked for something a little more “chair like”, but squishy and comfortable, so he could also use it in the living room when he’s watching cartoons.

Room Rendering 2

Toddler Boy Surf Shack Room Design Theme

Toddler Boy Surf Shack Room Design Theme

What can I say about the final room rendering other than it’s EXACTLY what I wanted, a rustic and whimsical surf shack room. Now that I’m ready to purchase the items for John’s room, Havenly makes the process super easy by shopping the pieces directly from their site. I hope to put up the bead board and paint very soon, and I’d love to post pics of his built out room in a couple of months. Keep checking back to see how it all turns out and follow along on Instagram for behind the scenes pics.

I hope you all will consider Havenly’s amazing and affordable design services for your next decorating project! What do you all think about John’s new surf shack room?

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