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Room Inspiration – Transitioning From Baby Boy To Toddler

Gender Neutral Nursery Tree Boy Kids Room

Now that baby John is officially a toddler, it’s time to update his room. We were in major transition last year when he was born – we sold our first home together when I was 9 months pregnant, moved into a rental, had a baby 3 weeks later, built a home while in the rental, and then moved again into that dream home all within a year – so I did what I could for his space. While in the rental, the focus on John’s nursery was things that could be transported to the new home, rather than well designed spaces. I did pick up a few framed art pieces, a really nice convertible dresser changing table, a rug that just didn’t work well for us over carpet, and a few other small details. The room was also gender neutral with a celery, coral, and yellow color palette, since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl.

John is now a year and a half and quickly morphing into a little boy. The opportunity for him to have the cutest nursery ever has now passed and I’d like to design a room that will grow with him. I still need to focus on child proofing {he is into EVERYTHING}, but we are past the ultra cute baby details and can focus on well design spaces for a little boy, perhaps a reading/art corner and fun storage areas for toys.

The style I’m going for is a “whimsical meets rustic” boy room! I’m not necessarily sold on a theme, like airplanes or safari, but I do love the idea of the room looking slightly tree-house, like the pic above via martamatray.com. I’d love interesting, well designed areas, that make use of vertical wall space for his artwork and books. Maybe even a little reading corner where the book shelves are off the ground leaving room for a little table or chair.

Style {Maybe A Theme?} and Color Palette Inspiration

Boy Room Vintage Airplanes Artwork

I love the color palette and vintage art work repeated in a gallery wall of frames. – image via elledecor.com

Forest Boy Room

This forest themed nursery is adorable. I love the neutral color palette, although I’d love something that works more with shades of tan than gray. – image via top-interior-designs.com

Boy Room Surf Shack

I’m crazy about this little surf shack room from Pottery Barn. Maybe this is the way to go with my theme. John is way too young for a bed and childproofing is key, but maybe I can borrow from this style and have his room morph into this over time as he gets older.

Boy Room World Map

I’m loving the color palette of this room, also from Pottery Barn. We’d be working with a crib, of course, but the style is great! I also like the map mural and the dinosaurs.

Stylish Spaces Inspiration

Kids Room Reading Corner Table Chairs Artwork

I like the idea of an art or reading space. I like that the artwork is hung from a line and that it’s all off the floor enough so that a table and chairs can fit into the corner. John does a ton of artwork at daycare, so it would be fun to display it in an interesting way. – image via apartmenttherapy.com

Kid Room Bookshelves Reading Corner Table Chairs

I love the bookshelves. They don’t stick out too much, which is great for conserving as much space in the room as possible, and they are off the ground… John shreds books, so it’s still a monitored situation or cardboard books only lol. I love the corner table and chairs set (not necessarily the color) – image via flickr.com

Chalkboard Wall Table Chairs Artwork

I’m crazy about this little space. I love that the corner seems built in with the framing, but although I LOVE the chalkboard wall, I’m not sure how I’d work that side in since my interest is on books and artwork. The artwork side is great! – image via indulgy.com

Kids Reading Corner Rocking Chair

This is adorable! I love the rug that defines the space. John already has a little rocking chair that could fit into the corner, unless I was going for a table and chairs set. – image via inspiredbythis.com

Boy Kids Room Tee Pee

I’m loving the teepee trend in boys’ rooms! Somehow the designer of this room made so many different spaces work without it feeling cluttered. I don’t know that I can fit in a teepee and a reading nook, but this is super adorable. John is probably a bit too young for it too. – image via planete-deco.fr

Kids Room Reading Storage Corner

I love this space, but I don’t know if it would work for us. The corner storage would probably take up too much room and not allow for a table and chairs or a rocking chair. I LOVE the look of this, but maybe storage cubbies are best in the closet area. – image via got-blogger.com

Chalkboard Wall TeePee Bookshelves

Here’s another fun space that features bookshelves, a teepee, and a chalkboard wall. So cute! – image via got-blogger.com

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