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Nail Polish Storage and More Fun Organizers

Clear Nail Polish Storage Drawers

We moved into our new house a few months ago and it is VERY lived in already! In addition to trying to keep up with our everyday messes, we’ve also had company non-stop, so it’s been a challenge to keep things clean. Organization is a must right now! If we can keep things clean and functional, unlike our old place which was working against us in every way possible, then hopefully that will lead to more time for the other things we’d like to do around the house, like getting out of a couple more boxes, hanging artwork, and eventually a redesigned room for John.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you may remember a post I did on nail polish storage (updated pic above in my office bookcase). In fact, you may have discovered my blog from that post because it went viral at Pinterest and StumbleUpon and is almost always at the top of my trending list in my sidebar. I found the clear shoe drawers at OrganizeIt.com, so we thought it would be fun to team up and feature a few more of their must-have organizers.

Bamboo Expandable Flatware Drawer Organizer

I found three bamboo drawer organizers, including this expandable bamboo flatware organizer, and I love the way they coordinately with each other, and they look great in our new drawers. We had a white plastic flatware organizer before that had seen better days.

Bamboo Drawer Knife Block Organizer

If you have a knife block that sits on your countertop, you need to take a good look at the top and backside of it. I was mortified when we moved to realize how much dust the countertop knife blocks collect and I had no idea that a drawer knife block was even an option. This is one of my favorite finds at Organize-It!

Bamboo Drawer Divider Expandable Organizer

This is another one of my favorite finds. These bamboo expandable drawer dividers are perfect for separating your drawer clutter into organized spaces. Two come in a pack so you can either divide one drawer into thirds, or a couple of drawers into halves. They are super spring loaded so they stay in place very well!

Baby Food Clear Plastic Divided Cabinet Organizer - Perfect For Squeeze Pouches

Baby John, or shall I say toddler John these days, has his own cabinet at our new place that houses all of his squeeze pouches, bowls, and utensils. The cabinet is a little high for me, and his pouches don’t really like to stand up on their own, so this clear plastic cabinet shelf organizer and Pullz cabinet shelf organizer, both divided, are perfect for keeping his snacks organized and easily accessible.

Herb Scissors

Obviously these herb scissors have nothing to do with organization, but they’ve been on my Organize-It wishlist, so they were nice enough to send me a pair. These scissors cut herbs in no time, and the little strips of basil were perfect for topping a pizza. Run through the herbs once more for a finer cut. The blade cover provides safe storage and doubles as a tool for cleaning excess herbs from the blades.

Chrome Closet Scarf Hanger Organizer - Also For Ties And Belts

This scarf organizer, also perfect for ties or belts, is WAY better than my DIY Scarf Organizer (yes, even I can give myself a bad review lol). The scarf organizer that I put together stacked the scarves so that most were hidden under another scarf and the cute little shower curtain rings I used were brutal on the fabric. This chrome hanger keeps all of my scarves side by side so that I can find the scarf I’m looking for so easily. There are also hooks on the opposite side for storing 14 scarves total.

Closet Baby Clothes Dividers Organizer

Every time I’d go to a department store, I was tempted to ask them if I could purchase some of their clothes rack dividers for keeping John’s baby clothes organized in his closet. Who knew that these adorable little baby clothes divider organizers were an option? I’ll get good use out of the 18 month and up dividers, and hopefully we can use them all if/when we have another little kiddo :)

Wall Fabric Slack Hangers

I picked up a few slack hangers for hanging my food styling linens. This helps me see exactly what I have to work with, and keeps them wrinkle free since I’m no longer stuffing them in drawers. I hope to fill the opposite wall with my growing collection since I feel like it actually dresses the wall up, in an “art for food photographers” kind of way lol. You can also do this if you are a collector of fabric or scrap booking paper. I hope to dedicate this entire corner to my food photography by adding a cabinet for all of my bowls, plates, utensils, and drinking glasses.

Do you have any organizational tips you can share with all of us? Do you have any organizers that you use in a way other than their intended purpose, like my slack organizers? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much to Organize-It for sending me these amazing products. All opinions are 100% my own. For more info, please view my full disclosure policy.

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