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Room By Room Inspiration Series – The Kitchen

Giulianna Rancic Kitchen

In case you missed it, we finally broke ground on our new house and I couldn’t be more excited! I am going through my Pinterest At Home board and curating my favorite pins, organized by room {see also office space inspiration}, so that I can have ideas to show our designer and architect.

This is such an exciting process. My favorite style by far is transitional – mostly traditional that will stand the test of time, with a few fun contemporary pieces thrown in, mostly in the lighting and accessories so that they can be easily changed out if the pieces go out of style in a few years. I’m obviously not a decorator, but that is my interpretation of transitional style and how I would like to decorate our new house. While some transitional homes may work in a few modern pieces, I’d like to lean a little bit rustic {ideas include white tongue and groove plank ceilings layered under white painted wood beams and a tall built-in next to the fireplace for firewood} since we live on a lake.

I have no idea why, but mentally, my biggest challenge is the kitchen. Maybe it’s because I plan to love that space so much that I’m pressuring myself to get it right. I have probably pinned more kitchens than any other room, yet I’ve never seen a kitchen pin where I like everything about the space, again, maybe because I feel the need to “get it right”. With that said, here are my favorite kitchen pins, along with what I love and don’t love so much about each room. Thank goodness I subscribed to Houzz.com about a year ago because the majority of my pins came from their email newsletter.

You may recognize the room above. It’s Giulianna Rancic’s kitchen featured on her show Giulianna and Bill. I LOVE the tonge and groove ceilings and the almost matte wood floors. The table, chairs and chandelier are a bit too rustic for me.

Traditional White Kitchen Black Countertops

I love how light and bright this kitchen is. My husband would probably like a bit darker paint {he’s afraid I’m going to have an all white house} and I’d love darker floors. Other than that, I love the mix of white and black countertops and the breakfast nook banquette.

Traditional Kitchen Black And White Countertops

There’s a little more contrast in this room, although I’d probably go a little lighter with the paint. This kitchen also works in the black and white countertops and I love the backsplash. That flower arrangement has to go!

Traditional Kitchen Backsplash

I love the backsplash. I really like that it’s neutral, not too much contrast, and not too shiny.

Kitchen Herringbone Backsplash Bar Stools Sconce Chandeliers

I love the herringbone backsplash, bar stools, and sparkly sconce chandeliers. I’d love for the island to have a second level to hide the dishes and messy counter. I’d like the floors if they weren’t so shiny.

Kitchen Floors Black Countertops White Cabinets Backsplash Stove Pot Faucet

Love the floors, black countertop, white cabinets, and backsplash. Can’t forget about the pot faucet above the stove.

Wood Floors Pendants Black Countertops White Cabinets

I like the dark wood floors, the pendants above the island and the black countertops. I especially like that the cabinets aren’t too bright white.

White Tongue Groove Plank Ceilings White Beams Kitchen Living Room

Although this is not a kitchen, I LOVE the white tongue and groove ceilings layered under white painted beams. I’d love this in the living room and maybe the kitchen.

White Tongue Groove Plank Ceilings Natural Wood Beams

I’m still trying to decide if I want to go with white painted beams or natural stained?

Cabinet Details

Built In Paper Towel Holder Island

Built in paper towel holder in the kitchen island.

Cabinet Drawers Pots Pans

I think every cabinet should be a drawer.

Cookie Sheet Drawer Organizer

Loving this cookie sheet organizer drawer. Mine get too scratched up from stuffing them in cabinets.

Cabinet Spice Rack Pull Out Drawer Column Leg

Love a hidden cabinet column {leg} or narrow vertical drawer that pulls out into a spice rack. This is perfect on both sides of the stove. Because these drawers have no depth to them, it’s easy to find what you are looking for. I also LOVE the cabinets, color and style.

Cabinet Spice Rack Condiment Pull Out Drawer Column Leg

Here is a taller version of the spice rack pull out drawer for condiments.

Kitchen Cabinet Corner Drawers

Kitchen cabinet corner drawers are a must.

Kitchen Corner Lazy Susan Pull Out Cabinet

If kitchen cabinet corner drawers are not an option, I also like this pull out lazy susan.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers Trash Recycle

Our recyclables collect on the counter until we are able to take them outside to the recycle bin. I love this cabinet that pulls out a recycle and trash can, in addition to a side shelf for trash bags.

Kitchen Trash Foot Pedal

Wow, is that an ugly shoe. I almost had to omit this image for that reason, but I didn’t want to forget that I’d love a foot pedal to open the trash so I don’t have to touch the cabinet with dirty hands.


I love the idea of hiding the microwave, toaster, and toaster oven in the cabinets. They would need to be wired for electricity.

Kitchen Side Cabinet Appliance Drawer

LOVE this. There is a faux door on the front of the cabinet, yet the side opens with an appliance drawer.

Side Cabinet Appliance Drawer

Here is another option if you have more space to work with, but the previous side appliance cabinet is great because it has the pull out drawer shelf.

Open Island Shelves Cabinets Cookbooks

This open ended island is perfect for displaying and storing cookbooks.

Under Cabinet Electric Outlets And Lighting

LOVE the under cabinet electrical outlets and lighting.

Under Cabinet iPad Lighting Electrical Outlets

I like the strip lights in the previous picture rather than these spotlights, but the USB hookups and display case for the iPad is really nice.

Under Counter Electrical Sockets

Under countertop electrical for the kitchen island.

Under Sink Drawer

A drawer for under the sink. This will make it easy to get cleaning products stuffed in the back of the cabinet.

Utensil Drawer

We could really use this utensil organizer drawer.


Another option for storing utensils and pot holders is to hang them inside the drawer. I like this because you won’t have to clean out the holder they sit in {pic above} and there is room under the utensils for storing other items.

The Pantry

Pantry Appliances Counter

I’d love a small countertop built into the shelving in the pantry for storing appliances.

Pantry Shelves

I love the pantry shelves and baskets. I also like that the corners are open (no vertical supports for adjustable shelving), so that you aren’t confined by making things fit into the horizontal space.

Pantry Shelves Baskets Fruit Vegetables

I love this pantry organization also, complete with basket drawers for fruits and vegetables.


Another nice option for pantry shelves and a countertop.


We have a pass through going to the dining room, which I believe is called a butler’s pantry, although we’ll be using it for a wine fridge and probably a coffee bar. I like the idea of the black cabinets, and would probably like to repeat whatever color we use here on the island, but then the kitchen could start looking a bit too modern with black and white cabinets and alternating black and white countertops.

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