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What I’m Wearing – A Baby Bump

Maternity Clothes Jeans

I’m so happy to finally announce that, “I’m Pregnant”!!!! I’m not sure why I waited until 6-and-a-half months to share the excitement, other than I was probably overly cautious after my first trimester. Getting pregnant has been a 3 year journey for us with lots of ups and downs, but the downs have made this “UP” so so worth it. My heart is so filled with joy and I can’t wait to meet our little baby in March. We’re not going to find out the sex, so nursery shopping and picking out a name has been a challenge, but I’m loving every minute of it. More on all of that in posts to come, I’m sure.

We just had our 6 month ultrasound last Monday and saw things that I had never imagined – the baby was kicking, rubbing its eyes, swallowing, and hiccuping. You would think that due to my previous situation, that I would be terrified of ultrasounds, but I can’t help but to jump out of bed on an ultrasound days and think, “yay, we get to visit the baby today”. I know that’s a funny thought since the baby is always with me, but it’s just so nice to see that adorable little face on the monitor and know that everything is ok. My husband surprised me by flying my mom in from Washington for the weekend {yes, I went into the ugly cry when she walked through my front door} so that she could go to the ultrasound with us, which made it even more exciting when the little one put on a show for all of us.

Besides the ultrasounds to let me know everything is ok, the baby is also kicking up a storm. I started to feel flutters two months ago and now its full on kicks and movements. I can literally see he/she rolling around under my shirt and my heart melts every time. How can I concentrate on anything else whenever that little baby is moving around inside of me? I always had hope that we’d make it to this point, but I’m still in shock at the same time and those movements are a reminder of just how far we’ve come… FINALLY!

I’m trying to proceed with caution, but it’s really hard not to get so excited about all that is {hopefully} yet to come.

PS – can you see the bump in this post? My belly is exactly why that blue dress was so dang short LOL. If you had seen a side profile of that outfit, it would have been obvious that I was not only pregnant, but 5 months along. It was all I could do at 4 months to stuff myself into these jeans and black shorts for my post first-trimester outfits. I’ve learned that full frontal profile shots while covering your hips can be very deceiving ;)

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