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Nail Polish Storage Cubes

I had four requirements when shopping for nail polish storage that I thought would be easy to find, but my search went on for weeks. I was looking for the following:

  1. Clear, almost acrylic storage so I could see all of my polish
  2. Drawers for easy access
  3. Stackable storage to make use of vertical space
  4. Height not much taller than my tallest nail polish bottles {my Stripe Rites} so that I don’t waste space.

What I found was large crystal clear shoe drawers at an affordable price of only $13.99 each. Each drawer fits about 60 polishes and they all stack nicely into my armoire. Whenever I want to do a mani, I open the door to my armoire, find the drawer that contains the color I’m looking for, and the drawers slide out for easy access.

Nail Polish Storage Cubes

In addition to meeting all of my expectations, these drawers have slots for optional dividers so that I could easily sort all of my drawers by color. One customizable divider set can separate a drawer once vertically and/or twice horizontally for up to 6 spaces per drawer. I buy one divider set per two drawers so that I can mix-and-match the pieces.

Nail Polish Storage Cubes

Is your nail polish collection as out of control as mine lol? If so, how do you store your nail polish? I hope you’ll share your storage tips.

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