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Summer Smooth Drugstore Beauty Products Review

It’s time to get smooth for summer and show a little skin. Although this is my “best of” list for staying smooth this season, I didn’t realize until I gathered my favorite products together for this post that they all happen to be from the drugstore and use mostly natural ingredients. Quality, affordability, and natural ingredients are three reasons to LOVE these products.

  • St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub – this is hands down the best scrub ever! I tried a travel sized sample of it and immediately ran out to every Target in town to find the full-size bottle. I like my exfoliant to be loaded with scrubbers and I like the scrubbers to be small, like a fine grade sand paper lol. This scrub fits both of my preferences {better than their apricot scrub} AND reduces redness naturally with antioxidant-rich green tea.
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – this lotion is between the consistency of a lotion and a gel so it lasts longer than most lotions that just absorb into your skin quickly. I put this on my hands every night before I go to bed and it keeps my cuticles in great shape for Manicure Mondays.
  • EOS {Evolution of Smooth} Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream – EOS sent me a bottle of their shaving cream in Vanilla Bliss a while back and I picked up another bottle as soon as I ran out. There are two reason to love this product. First and foremost, I love the plastic bottle vs. the cans of shaving cream that leave a rust ring on my tub. Secondly, the product itself is an aloe and shea butter lotion vs. a foam, and I find that I get a much smoother shave with this moisturizing cream.
  • EOS {Evolution of Smooth} Lip Balm – EOS also sent me their lip balm in Summer Fruit and it’s such a fun product. The sphere packaging is super easy to find in your purse, I LOVE the smell, and I especially love the way my lips feel when I’m wearing it. I find myself over applying it lol.
  • Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor – yes, I stole my man’s razor and then finally got one of my own. Men’s razors are above and beyond the quality of a woman’s razor. Why is that? I was always careful with my razor and would still get nicks. With this razor, I couldn’t nick myself if I tried lol. I get a much closer shave in half the time.
  • Pumice Stone – I love my pumice stone for super smooth feet. It’s a must have for a home pedicure. I use it almost every time I shower. I am scared of those metal foot zester looking products because I’m so afraid of the whole water and metal {rust hazard?} combination to scrub my feet lol. It just doesn’t seem right.

Have you tried any of these products before? If so, what did you think? How do you stay smooth in the summer?

Some of the products mentioned in this post were sent to me by the merchant or their PR company. All opinions are 100% my own. For more info, please view my full disclosure policy.

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