My Pinterest Inspired Home

White Tongue Groove Painted Beams Ceiling

We went to Georgia for 4 days last week and came back to this!!!! My Pinterest inspired ceiling had been installed! We usually go by the house daily to check out the progress because the anticipation gets the best of us, but when we were gone for a few days, we came back to SO many fun changes. Last week, the house was full of white dry wall and cold concrete which was a huge change from the framing we’d been looking at for a while, and this week we were greeted by my beautiful white painted tongue-and-groove ceiling, beams, hardwood floors, exterior brick, and bathroom tile. Wow, all of the things I’d selected at a 3 hour design meeting months ago are now coming to life. I hope it all comes together because I hardly remember everything I picked out so quickly!

White Tongue Groove Beams Ceiling

I’m not sure if there’s a bigger “Pinspiration” possible than major upgrades to a home based on Pinterest. We’ve had our land for 6 years and had we built before Pinterest, my design choices would probably be so different! I’ve heard girlfriends say “my wedding would have been so different if I’d had Pinterest for inspiration at the time” lol. I have to consult Pinterest before I make any major decisions on EVERYTHING home related. My husband will ask, “do you have any ideas for porch flooring?”, and my response is always “um, hang on a minute, let me consult Pinterest” lol. I literally have done a search on all aspects of our home from lighting to floor tile and everything in between.

White Tongue Groove Plank Ceilings White Beams Kitchen Living Room

My Pinspiration Ceiling

I came across the pic above earlier this year and pinned it immediately {last seen in my Room By Room Inspiration Series post}. It is an amazing white painted tongue-and-groove ceiling with white painted beams. This was a must have for our home and is probably our most expensive upgrade, meaning it isn’t a standard offering from our builder included in our cost to build. We live on a lake so I really wanted our house to be transitional with hints of contemporary and rustic elements mixed in here and there. I even found a chandelier nearly identical to the one pictured.

This ceiling is literally driving the whole “cottage at a lake” feel that I was going for and influencing all of my design decisions. I just love it so much. We’ve given a few tours though our house in progress already and it’s definitely a conversation piece. Even the trim guys that were working on it said I was so creative and they really liked working on a ceiling other than the standard living area trey and coffered. I’ve actually never lived in a home nice enough to have anything other than popcorn ceilings lol, so I am totally going to be spoiled with our tongue-and-groove in the living space, trey ceilings in our bedroom, and coffered in my blogging study. I’m just so excited!

I hope you’ll keep checking back for many more house updates including interior home decor when we move in. What is the biggest impact Pinterest has had on a project you were working on?

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White Bar Tray Look For Less

White Lacquered Bar Tray Table Chrome X Base Legs

I guess I still have the looks for less in my blood {I used to own until I sold it earlier this year} because I keep finding home decor looks for less and I’m so excited to share. I am trying to be brave with this new house. It’s amazing that we get a chance to start fresh with everything and decorate to suit our style. The house we lived in before started to look a little safe and bland, but now I’m all about trying new things.

I was searching One Kings Lane this morning, my latest addiction for home decor in addition to Joss & Main, and came across this white lacquered tray with a chrome base. I am doing a mixed metal theme at my house of chrome and bronze so this tray would be perfect in my future office. I don’t really want a full on bar cart at my next house because we will have a built in bar area, but I would like a standing bar tray that I can bring into the living room when we have guests, but use it for other purposes in my office when we are not entertaining.

The One King’s Lane tray that I fell in love with immediately is $299.00. The price seemed a little steep, so I did a search for a white lacquered table tray and what popped up looked nearly identical for only $65! I LOVE the chrome “x” style base and the white tray-style top with handles is removable. This tray will also be perfect for shooting products images for my blog. The dimensions are a little smaller, but I’ll take it with a $234 less expensive price tag.

Other home decor looks for less will be coming soon. Until then, I hope you’ll keep up with my home decor inspiration at my “At Home” Pinterest board.

Safe Babywearing With Boba Baby Carriers

Safe Baby Wearing Boba Carriers

Boba Baby Carriers

Shortly after John was born, my husband and I began looking for a builder for our future home, so one of our first outings with baby was the Parade of Homes. The parade is a tour of newly built homes, a great opportunity to meet local builders and check out the quality of their work. As you can imagine, we ran through a lot of houses that day, up and down stairs past a lot of people often in small spaces. A stroller or lugging around a car seat just wouldn’t do, so we knew we’d need a baby carrier.

Before the big outing, I started researching carriers, but beyond the brand, I really wanted to get as much info as possible on safe ways to wear a baby. Current research overwhelmingly agrees that wearing a baby facing inward is not only physically safer for the baby’s development, but it also enhances the bond between parent and child. If I can have my hands free to get a few things done and develop a bond with my baby while I’m at it, that is a win-win in my world these days. Babys that are worn also get a much better view of the world than those that are pushed in strollers or lugged around in car seats at knee level. It’s also easier and much more convenient than a carseat or stroller.

Boba is the only company that exclusively sells baby carriers that keep baby facing inward. Research shows that carrying baby facing inward helps baby attach in a healthy way to parents and prevents hip dysplasia, allowing baby to stay safe and healthy, both physically and psychologically.

For more information on Safe baby wearing, check out Boba’s article on 9 Reasons Not To Carry Your Baby Facing Out. You can also check out these additional resources on attachment parenting and hip dysplasia.

To learn more and connect with Boba, “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.

Manicure Mondays – Essie’s Encrusted Treasures Holiday Giveaway

Essie Encrusted Treasures Swatches

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend. It was baby John’s first Thanksgiving, so it was a “tears of joy” day for me. Too many Thanksgivings came and went without a high chair at our dinner table, so I was more thankful this year than ever! Our new house is also two months away from being move in ready {more updates on that coming soon}, so it’s just been an amazing year for us. We’re all happy and healthy, and for that I am so so thankful.

After a much needed restful weekend, I decided it was time to get back to the blog and swatch the new Essie Encrusted Treasures holiday 2013 collection for you all. I also have a collection to giveaway to one lucky reader, just in time for the holidays! This is a super sparkly set of six nail polishes including 4 glitters and 2 sparkly textures. I decided not to layer any of these over a base color, so you can get a true swatch of each polish. With that said, I’m sure you can imagine how beautiful some of these glitter toppers will transform given a pretty base coat of color.

Essie Encrusted Treasures Hors 'D Oeuvres Swatch

Hors D’oeuvres was the first color I swatched and it was love at first stroke. I LOVE a nail polish that uses slightly different shades of gold and silver glitter for depth, giving a jewel encrusted look to your nails. That is something I did for my 2012 New Year’s Manicure, but this polish will give you a similar look using one bottle and only 2 layers.

Essie Encrusted Treasures Peak Of Chic Swatch

Peak of Chic – I’m not usually a fan of bar glitter, but this pretty white bar glitter polish reminds of of a festive snow globe so I actually like it a lot.

Essie Encrusted Treasures Ignite The Night Swatch

Ignite the Night is my favorite polish of the collection, mostly because I’m not a very girly glittery girl, so if my nails are going to sparkle at all, it may as well be with a tough girl pewter hue. This polish has a slight purple green undertone, making it a little more interesting than your average pewter polish.

Essie Encrusted Treasures On A Silver Platter Swatch

On a Silver Platter is another one to love with it’s silver base glitter with green undertones and huge chunks of purple sequin glitter.

Essie Encrusted Treasures Lots Of Lux Swatch

Lots of Lux Nail Lacquer is a gorgeous bright blue texture polish and was super easy to work with. Most textures {with the exception of the following, eek} are thick so they line your cuticles very easily.

Essie Encrusted Treasures Belugaria Swatch

Belugaria – um, well, I’m not so sure where to begin with this one. Let’s just say that Belugaria is of a tar-like consistency and beyond difficult to work with. I would place a blob of polish at my cuticles and push, vs. a usual pull, the brush to spread it before it dried. It is one of those polishes that has to be placed, rather than spread over your nail. Luckily, it’s a texture, so you really don’t have to have a nice pretty even stroke. The only polish more difficult to work with than this was an ULTA metallic that I didn’t even bother showing since metallics show every bad stroke.

How To Win

One lucky reader will win the entire Essie Encrusted Treasures Holiday 2013 collection! Follow the directions in the RaffleCopter below to enter. There is one mandatory entry, open to international readers, giveaway ends December 17th.

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Darby Smart – DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

Have any of you ever heard of Darby Smart? I was beyond excited to check out their site for the first time. I wasn’t sure if they were new, or just new to me, but either way, I knew I had discovered a very cool DIY concept that I had to share with my readers.

At Darby Smart, you can browse their site, pick out a DIY you’d like to make, and they send you a box full off all the goodies it takes to put that project together. Because they buy the supplies in bulk and send you only what you need, you end up paying a lot less for the supplies and shipping is free! They also allow you to be a designer, if you have a cool DIY that you’d like to share with their buyers {they do the work, you earn a paycheck}, and you can vote on which upcoming DIYs you’d like them to offer next.

Darby Smart let me pick out one DIY to build and review for you all, and one lucky reader will also win a box of your choice! Check out my Moroccan Tile Coasters DIY below. They are going to look so good in my future home office!

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

Internet Rehab Inside! #MadeByMe

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

Check out the adorable Darby Smart box that showed up at my doorstep!

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

The box comes with everything you need to make your DIY, complete with step-by-step instructions!

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

Start by supergluing cork to the bottom of each coaster to protect your table and create a non-slip surface.

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

The box came with 4 tiles, yet several stencils so you can choose your own designs.

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

Spray paint each stenciled coaster and let dry.

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

Remove the taped stencil to reveal the gorgeous metallic gold Moroccan design.

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

Using the sponge provided, cover the coaster in a little clear Mod Podge to protect the design.

DIY Moroccan Tile Coasters

These coasters glow in the dim light of a girls night, complete with wine and nail polish!

How To Win

One lucky reader will win the Darby Smart DIY box of your choice! Follow the directions in the RaffleCopter below to enter. There is one mandatory entry, US residents only please, giveaway ends November 21st.

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I Did It!!! I Finally Got Accepted!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup Recipe

I did it, I did it, I did it!!! I’m so EXCITED! After being rejected 6 times over the past year, I finally got accepted into!

I took a food photography class {blogged about it and my goal yesterday}, purchased a macro lens, new tripod, and some linens, practiced a lot with my camera’s manual settings and shooting in natural lighting, and it all paid off. That’s my pumpkin rollup, middle right pic in the screenshot above from!

Next up, I’m posting a soup recipe next week and I feel like it has a chance of getting accepted as well. Fingers crossed :)

Food Photography

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup

Update 11/7/2013:

I did it, I did it, I did it. I finally got accepted into!

Previous Post 11/6/2013:

Somehow over time, I’ve really become addicted to food photography. I’ve loved to cook and bake for years and have always enjoyed sharing pics of food with my friends on Facebook. When I started sharing, it was all about the food, but recently, I’ve become passionate about the styling and the photography as well.

Once upon a time, I owned the blog {sold it earlier this year} and I know a lot of my fab readers followed me here from that site. The main reason I wanted to create Fab Fatale is so that I could blog about way more than just fashion, in particular my love for food… and now my baby ;) I took an online food photography class last month at with Andrew Scrivani, a New York Times food photographer, and I feel like my images are slowly but surely starting to improve.

This weekend, I made my Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup for a charity bake sale and thought I’d photograph it again, just to compare my “before and after class” pics. I’m about halfway through the course and feel like I can see an improvement. The pic above was the only image I had at my Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup post, and now I’ve replaced it with the one below, and several others documenting the process {since it is a bit confusing to explain in the recipe}. The “before” pic was after trying to hone my styling skills for about a year {examples of my worst pics are below lol}, but still had to be touched up A LOT in Adobe Lightroom because I’d used faux outdoor lighting with umbrellas and the composition was too close. After the class, I got a better lens and tripod, picked up some new linens, took my pic using natural lighting, and I’m getting so much better at working with my camera’s manual settings. Hopefully I’ll just keep getting better because I truly do love it. I can’t wait to have a little food photography corner set up in my new office. I’m so excited!

I have this mini-goal of getting a recipe accepted into I have no idea why, maybe because they’ve turned me down 6 times already lol {due to poor composition, lighting, styling, etc.}, but I feel like it will be a small victory and acknowledgement that maybe I am getting a bit better. Wish me luck lol. They may not accept this recipe since I’ve submitted it before {their system may not accept previously declined URLs}; however, if I get rejected again {wah wah wahhhhhh}, then I have a soup recipe coming up and I’ll try that one as well.

Update: I did it! My pic got accepted by

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup Recipe

Here are a couple of other images from way back that make me cringe LOL. My white balance for both images {game day slow cooker chili and burrito pie} was so blown out, that I literally had to modify the sour cream in Photoshop so that it didn’t look like a massive white blob. Eeek!!!



What hobbies are you passionate about? Do you feel you’ve perfected your skills or are you a work in progress?