Fig, Goat Cheese, and Applewood Smoked Bacon Appetizer

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Fig, Goat Cheese, and Applewood Smoked Bacon Appetizer

Fig, Goat Cheese, and Applewood Smoked Bacon Appetizer

* Suggested serving size is two topped crackers per person


  • 2 Original Triscuit crackers
  • 2 figs
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons goat cheese
  • 1 slice of applewood smoked bacon


  1. Cook bacon in a skillet over medium heat until browned and slightly crunchy. Turn off the heat and add figs to the skillet for a few minutes until they are warmed through.
  2. Over a single Triscuit, stack one fig, a good size dollop of goat cheese, and a sprinkle of applewood smoked bacon. Repeat for the remaining crackers and serve warm.
  3. Optional - to mix it up, try a few topped with a drizzle of honey or balsamic vinaigrette instead of the bacon.

My neighbors recently planted a fig tree and I’m so ready for it to start blooming. Unfortunately, it’s a baby so I’m going to have to wait a few years. Inspired by their tree, and the beautiful spring weather outside, I thought it would be fun to come up with a recipe featuring the fig, maybe an appetizer that I can serve at our Easter get together.

So I have a fun appetizer tip for you all. Whenever you’re looking for a quick, easy, yet gourmet recipe to serve your guests, start with a Triscuit as a crunchy, lightly salted base for your endless creations. And now for the fun part of my tip – I LOVE salads this time of year, so think of your favorite salad toppings and replace the greens with a Triscuit. I love to browse fancy restaurant menus online and their salad toppers become instant inspiration for what I’d pile on top of a Triscuit, usually a mix of 3 ingredients – seasonal fruit, gourmet cheese, and a sprinkle of meat – for a gourmet mix of sweet and savory!

I came up with a recipe, featuring the fig, and a couple of my favorite salad toppers, goat cheese and applewood smoked bacon, which is apparently an on-trend ingredient at the moment. I love that this fig and goat cheese appetizer features a mix of color and flavors, on a delicious crunchy Triscuit. The fig was perfect because it was easy to bite so that you are not having to shove the whole thing in your mouth while chatting with your guests. The goat cheese was creamy goodness and the bacon added just the right mix of savory to the bite. If you’re feeling frisky, replace the bacon with a drizzle of honey or balsamic vinegar, and you’re 3 ingredients away from a delicious gourmet snack! For more endless possibilities, find Triscuit at Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!








Triscuit believes in simple things coming together to create something more. Whether it’s just three ingredients on a Triscuit or about life, we believe that you (and Triscuit) are “Made for More”.

Triscuit sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

Sunday Funday Linkup & A $50 Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway

Blog Hop And Linkup

Happy Sunday everyone! Spring has sprung all over this week’s “fav reads” roundup. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a a few fashionable spring outfits, a nail polish giveaway, a super fun diy, and some super chic cheap garden supplies.

Please say hello to my fellow hostesses and friends, lifestyle maven Kristin of Bon Bon Rose Girls and looks for less guru Dianna of The Budget Babe. These ladies inspire me daily, and we’re hoping this linkup series will inspire us all to, as I always say, “try something new today”!

Every Sunday morning at 8 am we’re hoping to meet new people, get to know each other a little better, and have a whole lotta fun! Bloggers, please share your “best of the week” post in the linkup below so that we can all see what you’ve been up to. Our fav linkup each week will be featured at Fab Fatale, Bon Bon Rose Girls, and The Budget Babe blogs in next week’s Sunday Funday bloghop!

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Hostesses – Best Of The Week


Fab Fatale
Fab Fatale swatched the entire Zoya Delight soft and airy spring 2015 collection and is giving a set away to one lucky reader!
Bon Bon Rose Girls
The Bon Bon Rose Girls have hopped on the wedge trend for yet another season while surviving the heat wave in Scottsdale, Arizona.
The Budget Babe
In The Budget Babe’s latest edition of Dollar Bin Diaries, she shares 20+ in-store photos of super affordable shabby chic garden supplies at Target.

Sunday Funday Linkup – Best Of The Week


For those of you still dealing with chilly spring temperatures, Wishes and Reality shows us how to cozy up in a comfy sweater, blanket scarf, white skinny jeans, and super flirty caged heels! I am so in love with her nude bucket bag! Heidi promises a million more outfits featuring her go-to white Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans and her favorite blush caged heels – we can’t wait to see them all. Thank you so much for sharing your #FundayLinkup with our readers, Heidi!

Fab Fatale’s Linkup Favs

It was nearly impossible to narrow my favs down to only 5, but here’s what really caught my eye this week:

  • I’m always on the lookout for a quick, yet delicious, homemade pasta sauce, so I can’t wait to give this recipe a try by An Education in Domestication.
  • I love these DIY baby clothes dividers made out of festive cardboard boxes by Every Little Penny. You can also use these to separate your own wardrobe by season or style.
  • I have a slight obsession with coffee table books and A Peachy Sonder is featuring her current styling collection.
  • Straight A Style shares her love for culottes and sparks a fun debate – do culottes actually repel men? She’s also giving away a gorgeous Mirabelle Statement Necklace and matching Mirabelle Drop Earrings.
  • Awww, I just can’t get enough of Sandy A La Mode’s mommy and me features! Her daughter is so dang cute!

Please check out the Bon Bon Rose Girls’ and The Budget Babe’s favs of the week for more inspiration!

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Chocolate Curls

How To Make Chocolate Curls Tutorial

How To Make Chocolate Curls Tutorial

Once upon a time, I attempted chocolate curls with a warm bar of chocolate and a vegetable peeler. What I ended up with was super small chocolate shavings lol. Not cute, but at least it would give a little color and contrast to the top of my whip cream covered desserts. I convinced myself that taste over presentation mattered, but then I learned I can actually have both!

If you have ever wondered how to make chocolate curls and thought they were forever beyond your skill set, as I did, then you’re in for a shocking revelation! They are very easy to make! I found a super simple tutorial at Food Network and gave it a try, detailing the four-step process in the pics below. From here on out, my every dessert will be adorned with beautiful chocolate curls!

How To Make Chocolate Curls

How To Make Chocolate Curls


  • 3 ounces semisweet chocolate squares
  • 1 tablespoon all-vegetable shortening, such as Crisco


  1. Place the chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl with the vegetable shortening. Throw it in the microwave until the shortening is melted and hot, 30 to 45 seconds. Stir with a fork to combine thoroughly.
  2. Next, pour the melted chocolate over the underside of a clean cookie sheet. Then, with an offset spatula or a knife, spread the chocolate in a thin layer. Keep going until it's very, very thin. Then...and this is the key...stick it in the freezer for a few minutes.
  3. After a few minutes, check that the chocolate is ready by pressing it with your finger tip; it should leave the slightest mark, but not an actual depression.
  4. Next, get a somewhat sharp-edged spatula and begin to scrape the chocolate from the bottom of the pan. When the chocolate is just the right temperature, it'll curl instead of break. If it gets too soft, stick it back in the freezer for a minute.
  5. Pretty soon you'll have a bunch of fun little chocolate curls.
  6. Important: As soon as possible, transfer the curls to a cold pan or plate, and then stick them in the freezer to harden. Store in the freezer in a zip-top bag until you need them. Use them to adorn pies, cakes or platters of fruit. You'll feel instantly fancy!

Melt chocolate with shortening in the microwave

Spread over the back of a clean cookie sheet

Freeze and then scrape with a sharp metal spatula

How To Make Chocolate Curls Tutorial

Chocolate trifle recipe coming very soon! It feeds a crowd, tastes amazing, and looks beautiful, in my humble opinion ;)

Have you ever tried and/or failed at making chocolate curls? Is this tutorial something you would try?

how to make chocolate curls tutorial –

Manicure Mondays – Zoya Delight Spring Giveaway


Happy Manicure Mondays everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! My summer nail polish collections have started showing up at my doorstep, so I thought it was time to have one last spring giveaway. Zoya sent me their gorgeous spring 2015 Delight collection to swatch for you all, and I also have one to give away to one lucky reader.

From Zoya, “Get ready for mouth-watering spring delights from Zoya! Inspired by the soft and airy colors of the season, Zoya Delight serves up three cheerful creams and three turquoise flash metallics for an updated, flirty way to wear pastels! All in the full-coverage, long-wearing, Big5Free* formula Zoya Nail Polish is famous for.”

Zoya Spring 2015 Swatches Delight Daisy Yellow Metallic Shimmer Nail Polish

Zoya Daisy is a refreshing lemon meringue yellow metallic with an energizing turquoise metallic flash.

Zoya Spring 2015 Swatches Delight Eden Pink Cream Nail Polish

Zoya Eden is a classic spring flower pink in a glossy cream finish.

Zoya Spring 2015 Swatches Delight Lillian Light Blue Cream Nail Polish

Zoya Lillian is a faded aquamarine with a glossy cream finish.

Zoya Spring 2015 Swatches Delight Leslie Light Purple Metallic Shimmer Nail Polish

Zoya Leslie is a soft spring lavender metallic with an energizing turquoise flash.

Zoya Spring 2015 Swatches Delight Rayne Blue Metallic Shimmer Nail Polish

Zoya Rayne is a dewy, spring blue metallic with an energizing turquoise metallic flash.

Zoya Spring 2015 Swatches Delight Tiana Light Green Cream Nail Polish

Zoya Tiana is a pistachio gelato green in a glossy cream finish.

One lucky reader will win this entire Zoya Delight collection nail polish giveaway! Follow the directions in the RaffleCopter below for a chance to win. There are no mandatory entries this time; however, some options are worth more entries than others, US and Canadian readers only, giveaway ends 11:59 Eastern on May 26th.

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Don’t miss my Manicure Mondays board for more mani Pinspiration!

Friday’s Fab Five – Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Bacon Sausage Cheddar Quiche Recipe

There is something about Mother’s Day and breakfast that goes hand-in-hand for me. Since I was a very little girl, I made breakfast in bed for my mommy every year, even when I was only old enough to pour cereal and milk. I’m secretly hoping it’s a tradition that will start up in my house once my kiddo is old enough. Until then, hubby has been in charge of Mother’s Day, as I am for Father’s Day, so I’m hoping this “Mother’s Day breakfast ideas roundup”, pulled right from my Breakfast Pinterest board, will be a hint hint if he happens to read this ;)

1. I always prefer savory over sweet for breakfast, so I’ll definitely be giving this bacon, sausage and cheddar quiche a try soon.

California Eggs Benedict Recipe with Tomato and Avocado

2. I am a huge fan of eggs benedict! I think these California eggs benedict with tomato and avocado are perfection!

Ham Egg Cheese Croissant Breakfast Braid Recipe

3. Ever since I posted this ham, egg, and cheese croissant breakfast braid a few months ago, it has been my top hit most popular post, thanks to a pin that went viral at Pinterest.

Homemade Monkey Bread Recipe

4. Ugggh, why haven’t I made this yet? I have been wanting to try this monkey bread recipe ever since I pinned it months ago. I think tomorrow is the day for me!

Skillet Huevos Rancheros Recipe

5. If I ever go to a brunch restaurant that serves huevos rancheros, I never turn it down. I’ve always wanted to try a homemade version and this one looks amazing!

Do you all make a big deal out of breakfast for Mother’s Day also? What Mother’s Day recipes do you like to make?