Bananas Foster Frappe

I’m now 3 for 3 with the recipes I’ve tried from Sugar In The Raw’s website – three amazing recipes for three attempts {see sesame peanut sauce recipe and chocolate lava soufflés recipe}! This Bananas Foster Frappe is so good that I would take a sip, put it down, and...
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5 Ways To Use Blackberry Cocktail Syrup

left to right – blackberry sangria, blackberry mojito, blackberry tea, blackberry lemonade, blackberry martini I am SO hooked on this blackberry sangria recipe I posted last summer from Carrabbas and it’s now “the drink” I make every time I have company. After checking out World Market and all the liquor...
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New Mommy Surprises

My friend Dianna from The Budget Babe is 34 weeks along with her first baby, yay!!! It was so fun to be pregnant together, comparing notes on our experiences, and now she’s reaching out for my thoughts on being a mom. All things baby is my favorite subject right now...
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