Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup

I was CRAVING beer cheese soup the other day for some reason and after looking up menus to every restaurant that serves soup in town, I couldn’t find one that carried beer cheese soup so I decided to make an entire pot of my own at home. I couldn’t help but to keep tasting this...
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Toy Boxes Using Rubbermaid’s All Access Storage

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Finally! We are finally organized in baby John’s room. John is into everything lately, and I do mean EVERYTHING. If he’s not suppose to have it, then he goes for it quickly with his racing crawl lol. I recently moved his dresser awkwardly close to his crib so that his sound machine and monitor electrical...
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Merry Christmas

This card pretty much sums up our amazing 2013! Baby and house were both years in the making, but little did we know it would all happen at the same time! I was 9 months pregnant in February when we sold our first home together (my husband’s home of 15 years) and moved into a...
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My Pinterest Inspired Home

We went to Georgia for 4 days last week and came back to this!!!! My Pinterest inspired ceiling had been installed! We usually go by the house daily to check out the progress because the anticipation gets the best of us, but when we were gone for a few days, we came back to SO...
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White Bar Tray Look For Less

I guess I still have the looks for less in my blood {I used to own thelooksforless.com until I sold it earlier this year} because I keep finding home decor looks for less and I’m so excited to share. I am trying to be brave with this new house. It’s amazing that we get a...
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I Did It!!! I Finally Got Accepted!

I did it, I did it, I did it!!! I’m so EXCITED! After being rejected 6 times over the past year, I finally got accepted into foodgawker.com! I took a food photography class {blogged about it and my foodgawker.com goal yesterday}, purchased a macro lens, new tripod, and some linens, practiced a lot with my...
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