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Friday’s Fab Five – The Pineapple Trend

Happy Fab Friday. This week’s inspiration of five is all about the juicy pineapples popping up everywhere in fashion and art. Don’t go for pretty sparkly pineapple jewelry, this trend is all about color and quirky patterned prints! Ivory Strappy Pineapple Tank Le Sport Sac Le Zip Pineapple Tote Pineapple Print Open Back Tank Top...
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8 Summer Short Shorts

Have any of you searched your local retailers for basic denim short shorts lately? I have and I’m finding it impossible to find simple shorts without all the frills! I’ve been rummaging through racks all spring and the denim shorts are trends only – either too high waisted, too ripped, WAY too short with the...
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Vanessa Hudgens Look For Less

I LOVE checking out celebrities as they work their way through an airport. Their airport attire is usually way more wearable than something you’d see them wearing on the streets of New York or Hollywood. Vanessa Hudgens looks amazing in her easy breezy “perfect for summer” outfit. Her pleated blue pants, ivory tank and cardigan...
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Hillary Duff Look For Less

I asked {here and here} and you answered with all yays and no nays. YAY!!! lol. I miss my old blog thelooksforless.com and apparently so do a few of you that followed me to my new space here at FabFatale, so once a week-ish, I’ll be bringing you a few of my favorite celebrity looks...
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Selena Gomez Look For Less

Yay or nay? On occasion, I really miss my blog thelooksforless.com that I sold last year in an attempt to simplify my life. So I thought, on occasion, it would still be fun to do a look for less post for old times. If you all enjoy a good look for less, let me know...
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What To Wear – A Summer Wedding

My Twitter and Instagram bud Judy emailed me {it’s about time we connected!!!} in need of a little help. This girl is so dang fashionable on her own, that I was surprised and excited when she reached out to ask what “I” would wear to a summer wedding. Summer weddings {such as my own beach...
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