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Halloween Party Favor DIY – Candy Eyes

My craft blogging friend Agustina of AgusYornet.com, came up with another fun Halloween DIY for you all {also see her Sequin Studded Pumpkin DIY}. This time she came up with a party favor DIY for your next Halloween get together, candy eyes {ewwwww} in a vile {eeeek}. They don’t celebrate Halloween in her country of...
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Baby John’s Birth Announcement

Ever since I designed my sister’s owl themed baby shower invitations, my beach airline ticket invitations, and my maternity Christmas card I swore off ever buying another template card or invitation again. I am in no way affiliated with VistaPrint, but I probably should be lol. They make it super easy to print your own...
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Manicure Mondays – DIY Nail Polish

Oh my, the cuteness that is going on behind my laptop is impossible to ignore. My little man is modelling for a photo session at Long’s Photography as I sit on a couch and edit my Manicure Mondays pics. He is so moldable, being placed in so many cute positions and snoozing through the entire...
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DIY Instagram Wall Art

Besides my nights and weekends blogging hobby, I also have a full-time day job as a web developer. My office is covered in plain white walls and, while I decorated the wall in front of me that I can see, I’ve been told that I need to do something with the big white space behind...
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Nail Polish Storage

I had four requirements when shopping for nail polish storage that I thought would be easy to find, but my search went on for weeks. I was looking for the following: Clear, almost acrylic storage so I could see all of my polish Drawers for easy access Stackable storage to make use of vertical space...
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