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Help Me Decide – Sydney’s Nursery Concepts, c/o Havenly


I am beyond excited to be working with Havenly again {remember John’s toddler surf shack?}! Sydney’s baby girl nursery concepts are in and they are gorgeous! I’m having trouble deciding, so I would LOVE your vote!

I was refreshing my inbox all day on Friday anticipating the arrival of Sydney’s concept boards and they were well worth the pacing! Unlike John’s surf shack room, I really wanted to go with “style”, rather than a “theme”. The only direction that I offered was that the room be super whimsical. I limited my suggestions, other than a few inspiration pics at my baby girl Pinterest board, because I’ve worked with Shelby before and didn’t want to limit her creativity. I knew she would come up with something magical and beautiful for my little lady!

Step 1 – Mood Board Selection

There have been a few changes to Havenly’s process since I worked with them last. The most significant change was addition of a “step 1 – mood board selection” phase to help determine direction of style and color palette. After I shared a few pics as inspiration, Shelby responded with 3 mood boards for me to choose from and I immediately fell in love with the last two below.




Step 2 – Concept Selection

After selecting my favorite “moods”, Shelby designed a more detailed room in the form of “concepts”, which is where we are in the process. Please help me decide which concept you like, and upon my selection, Shelby will share a formal room rendering to continue our discussions.

At the risk of influencing you all, which I usually won’t do in a poll, I do think you should know which one I am leaning towards based on Sydney’s personality. I saw a quote the other day that said, “in a field of roses, she is a wildflower”. I think the room with the ice cream print and bright pink and yellow rug seems to represent a little wildflower best. In fact, the capiz chandelier even looks a bit like a flower.

Update – I’ve designed a printable to frame in her room and thought I would share it with you all, “in a field of roses, she is a wildflower” print as a free download.

Here is where I am hung up. The beach prints concept is impeccably designed. It literally looks like a designer designed it. It is perfection, but my girl isn’t perfect. She’s silly and messy, has dark hair and light beautiful blue eyes, she loves to wave and say “ah oh”, and looks great in deep bright saturated colors like the rug in the first concept.



Luckily, the concept phase allows you to like and dislike individual products so that the final room renderings best represent your preferences. Please share your favorite concept in the comments below, as well as which products should stay, go, or get swapped out.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Amanda Wolff

    I personally love concept 1 with the ice cream print! I think it has the most personality. It’s feminine and quirky. It’s sweet without being saccharine and a little bold and spicy too! I especially love the capiz chandelier and the bow knobs for the dresser! I’m a sucker for quirky/sweet details. Have you thought of laying the two side by side and seeing which Sydney gravitates toward on her own? That’s something fun I like to do with my little guy! Both are great options. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I actually love the second one the most. It’s the perfect combination of put together but with a splash of mess.

  • They are both really adorable but for my specific taste, I’d go with the bottom one. Every time I see cute nurseries, I get baby fever lol.

  • WhispersInspire

    Very beautiful concepts! I would choose concept 1. I love the colors and decor.

  • I love the second concept!! What a hard decision to make, I love decorating kids rooms it’s a ton of fun.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I think I really like the second one. But they are both so gorgeous. Any baby would be lucky to have either one.

  • I love the second one, in fact I am obsessed with that rug!!!! But both are beautiful and I think you wouldn’t go wrong choosing either!!

  • Lynn Dee

    I love the second concept! Love all the colors in it. And that gold elephant is just the cutest!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    The second concept is my favorite. I would love to design a nursery again.

  • Kathy

    I really love them both. I do have to say I like the second one a bit more though. I love the design!

  • Bonnie G

    Wow, this is really neat. I love both of these concepts. But I like the second the best.

  • I really like the second concept, but I do also like the bottom two rugs in concept one. If I had a girl I’d love this decor.

  • Everything looks lovely! The first concept grabs my attention the most though since it’s so lively. – HilLesha

  • adriana nudo

    Oh my goodness I LOVE your picks! Especially that it’s so classy and not something you see in every baby girl’s nursery! You are doing amazing with this nursery! I’m obsessed with rug #1!

  • Maggie Branch

    These are both fabulous picks! My favorite would definitely have to be the second! I love the chandelier and absolutely adore the seashell picture. The whole room I think is perfect for a little girl and would grow with her as she got older.

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