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DIY Printable Passport Invitation

DIY Free Printable Airplane Ticket Invitations Download Beach Wedding

If you are a frequent reader of FF, then you’ve probably noticed my printable airplane ticket invitation post trending in my sidebar nearly everyday. That post has been such a big hit, that by popular request, I thought it was time to also share my beach wedding passports that were sent along with my invitations.

I’m so happy to offer up all of my passport files for you to download for free, but please note that Photoshop skills are a must to customize these for your big day! Also, the centerfold is a map of where our wedding and reception took place that I created in Illustrator and Photoshop. I really don’t know the first thing about Illustrator, but I figured out the brush tool and added a stroke to it to create the roads. Once I had all the roads worked out, I opened the file in Photoshop and then added in some Microsoft clip art, where I literally copied the clip art from a Word file and pasted it into my Photoshop document.

DIY Free Printable Passport Invitations Download Beach Wedding

I’m sure this entire project could have been pulled off in a more sophisticated way, entirely in Illustrator and/or InDesign, but I worked it out and I’m happy to share my printable passport invitation with you all.

After I printed the passport pages {two passport pages will print per sheet to save paper}, I used a Cutterpede Paper Trimmer to trim the edges. You will see three dots in the corner of each page. Align the Cutterpede along the dots, as this is your trim edge. After cutting each page, I used the Cutterpede Perforating Blade, sold separately, to fold each page.

DIY Free Printable Passport Invitations Download Beach Wedding

The interior pages featured local attractions, as well as a wedding timeline of events.

DIY Free Printable Passport Invitations Download Beach Wedding

Additional Tips: The pages will be printed on the front and back and will line up perfectly. So, for example, print the front cover, flip the page over horizontally, and then print the back cover. I used a thick semi-gloss paper for the cover and had it printed at a print shop so the color would be vibrant. The inside of a real passport uses thin paper and faded ink, so it was fine to print these pages at home. Lastly, after all of the pages are lined up, we bound them together with a sewing machine.

DIY Free Printable Passport Invitations Download Beach Wedding

What do you all think of this printable passport invitation? I think another fun use would be for an airplane themed birthday party! Share your thoughts below!

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