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Holiday Shopping With My Intel 2 in 1


I FINALLY had a few days off for Thanksgiving, so the last thing I wanted to do was stand in a freezing cold line with strangers bright and early Black Friday morning just to take advantage of a few sales. I’m sure there’s a fun spirit to all of that, but not when I was desperate for a little rest and relaxation! Instead, I shopped from the comfort of my warm and cozy home with my Intel 2 in 1 tablet while sipping on homemade hot chocolate. And, I’m pretty sure I scored better deals than the die hard shoppers that were roaming the aisles of their local stores!

I’m so happy to be a part of Intel’s Smart Squad for an opportunity to try out their tablet and share my thoughts with you all! I’m quickly becoming addicted to my new Intel 2 in 1. Not only was it key to my Thanksgiving menu planning, but now it’s playing a huge part in my holiday shopping! This tricky little tablet easily converts from a laptop with the attached keyboard, or remove the magnetic-snap keyboard to use it as a “take anywhere” tablet. Either way, it is super lightweight so I can keep it out of the hands of my one year old without the workout that’s involved with my laptop.


This tablet is razor-thin, SUPER light, and ultra fast! I got so much holiday shopping done, curled up in my pajamas on my favorite corner of the couch, all while my little one was napping. The keyboard makes searching and browsing so easy, and when John wakes up, the keyboard comes off and my touch-screen tablet joins me in the kitchen as I continue my shopping out of his reach. His hands are desperate to touch anything and everything, especially if it lights up lol.

If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, I highly recommend the Intel 2 in 1 for anyone on your list! If you’re tired of carrying multiple devices, then maybe you should gift one to yourself ;) ‘Tis the season!

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