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I have such a fun and easy DIY for you all, bauble boxes! These treasure boxes are perfect for any gal because who doesn’t need a bauble box to store their jewelry or other small novelties!

Two of my DIY bauble boxes are Kelly Wearstler looks for less. Of course, hers are made with high end materials including jewels and marble, but mine will give your bookshelves or vanity a similar flare for a whole lot less!

Black and Gold Bauble Box


This was the the easiest bauble box, yet still took a little time, inspired by the beautiful black and gold wood boxes shown above from One King’s Lane that retailed for $49. I picked up an unfinished wood cornice box large enough to hold the remotes in our living room.


Start by taping off the bottom of the box with painters tape and cover with newspaper or craft paper to prevent overspray.


I used spray paint because metallic spray paint is much more sparkly than metallic acrylic paint and it gives a beautiful finish vs. brush strokes with acrylic paint. Apply an even coat of gold metallic spray paint. When the top is dry, tape that side off and then paint the bottom with glossy black spray paint.


I alternated between paint and high gloss Mod Podge acrylic sealer spray, about 3 coats of each, to fill in some of the wood grain for a smooth finish.


Because this is my largest box, I went with the un-jeweled black and gold style so it could potentially sit at the base of a stack.


Black and White Origami Bauble Box


This is my runner up fav bauble box! Yes, there’s actually one a bit more exciting, up next! It’s based on the amazing marble inlay origami box shown above by interior designer to the stars, Kelly Wearstler. The original is GORGEOUS, and comes with a price tag of $550. Again, she uses gorgeous high quality marble, and the DIY version does not, but I think this box still captures the super fun style of the original origami box. For this DIY, I used an unfinished wood roomy box for $14.28.


Spray paint the entire box with white spray paint, starting at the bottom. When the bottom is dry, paint the tops and sides, and then the inside. Again, I alternated between paint and Mod Podge to fill in the wood grain, using 3 coats of each.


Tape off the top triangle on the top of the box and the two triangles on the front of the box, since none of these triangles touch on the side edges. As you tape the top triangle on the top, imagine one line will connect the top and bottom triangles diagonally across the top of the box. The other two sides of the both triangles do not go diagonally across the top of the box.

Make sure you run your finger along the tape so that there are no bubbles. Acrylic paint is perfect for this project because the original is a streaky marble, rather than a solid black finish. I used Martha Stewart Crafts Brush Set.


Apply 2 coats of black acrylic paint in each triangle and then slowly pull away the tape while the paint is still tacky. If you wait until the paint is dry, you may get cracking on the edges. Also, open the box right away so that you do not seal it shut with paint.


When the top triangle is perfectly dry, tape off the bottom triangle. Again, there is one line that goes diagonally across the top of the box, the other two lines do not go across the top diagonally, the are offset a bit.


The sides also feature offset triangles, so feel free to play.


Stuff this one full of your favorite necessities. It’s great for a bedroom or bathroom because you can place small items like makeup and jewelry inside it! It will probably live on my desk, filled with family pictures, pens and address labels. For that, Shutterfly is a one stop shop.

Gold and Turquoise Bauble Box


Eek! This is the bauble box I’m most excited about, and the one that I think turned out best. This is also a look for less of a Kelly Wearstler bauble box. The original, seen above in Jessica Alba’s bedroom makeover by DomaineHome.com, features stones and minerals hand picked by Kelly from around the world, and comes with a price tag of $3495! I used the classic unfinished wood box that costs $9.26 for this project.


Spray 3 coats each, alternating between gold metallic spray paint and Mod Podge. Prop the hinges open with toothpicks so you don’t glue the box shut.


I added one coat of high gloss DuraClear Gloss Varnish to give my metallic box a high shine and fill in more of the wood grain. Use high quality brushes to avoid brush strokes. I used Martha Stewart Crafts Brush Set. These brushes are SUPER soft!

I found this gorgeous strand of 5 turquoise agate slab beads with gold edges for only $40 at Etsy, although you really only need 4 stones for this project (top, front, and two sides). I searched for pieces that were not drilled, but these were perfect because they had the beautiful gold edges and the holes aren’t very noticeable. You could create the gold edges yourself if you find stones with flat sides by coloring in the edges with a gold metallic Sharpie.


Spread one coat of Mod Podge Glue in gloss finish (not the spray version used in the spray painting process) over one side of the stone and press it flat against the top of the box.


Wait until this stone has dried completely before moving on to the next. It needs to be level horizontally as it dries, otherwise it will slide off.


Turn the side you are working on horizontally so the stone can lay flat as it dries. Also, when applying the front and side stones, open the box so that the stone only affixes to the bottom half of the box. Otherwise, you’ll glue your box shut with the stone lol.



Stuff this one full of your favorite photos to add a little heart to your gift.

So what do you all think of these DIY bauble boxes? Is this something you would try, for yourself or a gift for a friend? Let me know below!

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