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8 Elegant Thanksgiving Manicures


Instead of literal Thanksgiving nail art, like leaves or a turkey gracing your nails, why not try a sophisticated Thanksgiving manicure instead? I always try to wear something that’s not quite dressy enough for church, but less casual than my everyday attire to the Thanksgiving dinner table, and I think my mani should match the dress code. Really, any sophisticated fall nail art would be perfect for the occasion.

1. Chocolate Layers – Try this easy layered chocolate manicure by layering on 3 shades of brown, each after the previous layer has dried, with each top layer shorter than the one underneath.


2. Sparkly Gray Days – Copper glitter gives an elegant fall sparkle to an otherwise cloudy day manicure with this simple glitter tips nail art.


3. Shades of Fall – Simple, yet definitely a stand-out at the Thanksgiving dinner table. This Thanksgiving, go for garnet nails with a gold glitter overlay and a gold metallic accent nail.


4. Navy Nails With Gold Striping Tips – A Thanksgiving mani doens’t have to involve the usual suspects of reds and browns only. I’m loving the simplicity of this navy manicure with gold striping tips.


5. Garnet And Gold Tips French Manicure – Another garnet and gold tips mani, because these shades are so on trend for fall. Gold tips elevate the sophistication level of any solid cream manicure.


6. Chevron Half Moon Manicure – The deep burgundy in this chevron half moon manicure cut out over an unpolished nude nail is gorgeous. I love the simplicity of negative space nail art.


7. Gold Moon And Tips Manicure – Glittery gold moon and gold tips over nude nails. Yes, please! This gold negative space manicure is the only jewelry you’ll need for your Thanksgiving get together.


8. Almost Black Brown – How about a solid cream manicure in a brown so deep, it’s almost black. With this shade, you can skip the nail art altogether!

What nail art will you be wearing for Thanksgiving? Tell me below!

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Your Thoughts?

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  • Alli Smith

    THIS is my idea of the perfect Thanksgiving nail art! I love every single one of these manicures. My favorite is the navy with gold striping – it matches my decor perfectly.

  • These are gorgeous nails for Thanksgiving. My favorite one is the navy blue with gold striping. It looks so elegant and chic.

  • Pam W

    My favorite is the Navy nails with gold striping tips. These are all great looks for Thanksgiving!

  • Amanda Love

    These are all beautiful ideas! I love matching my nails with the season, it makes you more excited to celebrate especially now that we’re gearing towards the holidays!

  • Hmmm, my top three are the Chocolate Layers, The Navy Nails With Gold Striping Tips and Gold Moon And Tips Manicure. So cute, I hardly ever polish my nails but I want to give a few of these a go.

  • Jeanette

    I love that one that you have written as “chocolate layers”. That one looks so cool to me. I have not done a manicure in a very long time, I think it’s time for one.

  • Jacqui Stewart

    Love these! It’s been awhile since I’ve been out to get a manicure. And I miss them! May have to try and give myself one this weekend. Love the colors!

  • I am in love with those Elegant Thanksgiving Manicures! My favorite is definitely the Chevron Half Moon Manicure, so cute!

  • Rachel

    That navy and gold-striped manicure is so gorgeous and so simple! I’m gonna ask for this next time I go to the salon! Great ideas here :)

  • I really didn’t think to do my nails up for Thanksgiving, but now I want to! Those are great options!

  • http://tiarastantrums.com

    These are great options for fall and the holidays. I love the brow sparkles and brown polish.

  • Ooo I love all these lovely ideas. My daughter loves painting her nails. I will share these with her.

  • Oh my gosh I love these all so much. I’m not big on the cutesy nails with pictures painted on them. I really love the navy nails with the gold stripe and the chocolate layers! Gorgeous!!

  • These manicures are all so lovely! I really like the dark red with the gold and glitter– so pretty, and it would be perfect for Christmas as well!

  • rika agustini

    These manicure are so pretty.. My favorite is number 5, perfect for fall season