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Thanksgiving Menu Planning With My Intel 2 in 1


I picked up a new tablet, and it does tricks – cartwheels and back flips at my every whim! I’m so happy to be the newest member of Intel’s Smart Squad, which means I get to test drive their latest Intel 2 in 1 tablet and let you all know what I think! So far, it really is picking up where my tablet and laptop have left off!

I’m testing out a few recipes for Thanksgiving and every year, this process involves my laptop and my tablet! I search for recipes on my laptop because I really enjoy the keyboard way more than my tablet’s touch screen. I bookmark everything I want to try, then find the recipes on my kitchen tablet because it’s lightweight and takes up less room on the counter than my laptop.

And then there’s the Intel 2 in 1 tablet, which made this year’s Thanksgiving test kitchen way more efficient and functional!!! The Intel Acer 2 in 1 is a razor-thin laptop meets ultra-fast tablet thanks to it’s removable keyboard! I was able to roam between my couch and desk searching for the perfect apple pie recipe using the keyboard, detached the keyboard and moved on to the kitchen, set it down on the little space left on my counter, and started baking away. Thanksgiving menu planning just got a whole lot easier!


Thanks to my Intel 2 in 1, I found the perfect Apple Pie Croissant recipe and fell in love! These individual apple pies will be a fun feature at our Thanksgiving dessert table this year!

What is your process for finding and following recipes as you bake in your kitchen? Does it involve multiple gadgets? Tell me below!

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