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Football Manicure Nails

Now I see how all of those manis on Pinterest get those perfectly spaced pinstripes!!! I thought they were using striping tape, as I did in my 4th of July fireworks manicure, but now I see that they were probably using Jamberry nail appliques, because those stripes were just too perfectly placed!

Once upon a time {when I owned The Looks For Less blog}, a consultant sent me some Jamberry appliques to review at my blog, and I did, but I really didn’t care for them at all. They were really stiff and did not go on easily, so it caused a lot of bubbling. I’ve had other consultants reach out since then, and I just declined their offers since I’d rather not share a product that didn’t work for me.

Football Manicure Nails

And then… last month, a friend of mine hosted a Jamberry party, so for fun, I bought a couple of sheets. Their football manicures were just too enticing to pass up! They also have team specific designs, but my Noles weren’t ready before the party ended since Jambery was trying to perfect our garnet. Instead, I went for Jamberry’s football nails and gold pinstripe nails {available in other colors} over white and garnet nail polish!

I’m so happy I gave Jamberry another try because they were completely different this time! Now, they are heat activated (wave a hair dryer over the strip a few times before applying), so they get soft and pliable, making them easy to apply and ripple free! They went on so perfectly! Real nail polish appliques will not give you this super reflective metallic look {real polish gives a brushed metal finish}, yet professional Minx nails were just too expensive. I’ve finally found the perfect medium of bright metallic finish, salon quality nails, affordable, and yet easy to apply.

I actually got a better shot of this football manicure at Instagram that I shared on college gameday… sometimes, you can just get right in there with an iPhone for a better pic. The Instagram pic also shows that I used the football nails on my thumb as well. The football nails and the pinstripe nails were both on a clear applique, so you can apply them over bare nails, or over the color of your choice for your favorite team! They have a couple of designs per each collegiate team, and they even have appliques for sororities!

Football Manicure Nails

What do you all think of my college gameday football manicure? What team are you rooting for this season, professional or collegiate?

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