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Manicure Mondays – Summer White Nails

Summer Manicure - White Nails

I often use white nail polish as the base for my nail art {palm tree manicure, tribal manicure, 4th of July manicure, another 4th of July manicure, holiday snow manicure}. However, every time I apply the white cream polish, I just want to skip the nail art because the polish is just so perfect on its own, especially against a summer tan. Today was the day that I skipped the art and kept my nails clean and white. The nail art I planned on sharing today will have to wait because for now, I’m just so into this super fresh white summer manicure.

Today’s white cream polish is two coats of Julep’s Brigitte. This polish was super easy to work with and went on perfectly in two coats. When working with white polish, it is often streaky, so I recommend letting the first coat dry as much as possible before adding the second coat to prevent bald spots near the cuticle.

Summer Manicure - White Nails

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