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Ghost Chair Look For Less

Ghost Chair Clear Desk Dining Look For Less

My office has a lot going on in such a small place. I really need it to function for all of my bloggy activities, so every corner has a purpose. The one thing that I added to the office, that’s probably more style than function, was add a desk in the middle of the room because I thought it would look so glam under my sparkly chandelier! With so much going on in such a small place, I knew a ghost chair (clear, usually plastic or acrylic) would be perfect so that it doesn’t add to the noise in the room. It is a full size chair, but because it’s clear, it looks as though it doesn’t take up any space at all.

While on the hunt for my ghost desk chair, I was surprised to find two nearly identical chairs for not so identical prices! I really see no difference in these two clear chairs, they are the same design and material, but the Kartell Victoria Ghost Chair at Wayfair has a price tag of $370, while the Victoria Inspired Ghost Chair look for less is only $60. Of course I ordered it immediately. It came in yesterday and looks amazing in my office. In the pic, it looks smokey gray, but it’s not. I think that was just their studio lighting because it’s perfectly clear. I hope to add a little fluffy, faux sheep fur cushion for extra style and comfort!

If you can afford the more expensive Kartell Victoria Ghost Chair, they do come in a bunch of fun transparent and opaque colors!

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Your Thoughts?

  • Yikes, even at $60 it’s way out of my price range. Is it comfortable? I had to ask because it looks really rigid and it’s rather small…I noticed that the pricier one is a bit bigger. But sheesh either way, so much money for a plastic chair lol. I’m glad you like it. =)

    • Fab Fatale

      hopefully it saves someone a lot of money if $60 is in their price range :) yes, it’s pretty comfortable actually. more comfortable than my wood dining chairs, and it’s the same size as our dining chairs. i love it! hope this helps :)

  • MeganReablog.wordpress.com

    I love ghost chairs, but they are so hard to find on a budget! Can’t believe you found one for $60! Way to go! Pinning :)

  • Morgan Kelley

    This totally made my day. If you sign up for their email they give you $25 off of an order. I plan on purchasing two. 95 bucks for two of these beauties is a steal!! Thanks for the awesome post!

  • Sly looking chairs but are they comfortable?