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Selena Gomez Look For Less - Polka Dot Blouse, Denim Jean Shorts, Cap Toe Flats

Yay or nay? On occasion, I really miss my blog thelooksforless.com that I sold last year in an attempt to simplify my life. So I thought, on occasion, it would still be fun to do a look for less post for old times. If you all enjoy a good look for less, let me know in the comments and maybe I can make it a once a week or so series :)

First up is an adorable look for less on Selena Gomez. I love this outfit so much, I may have to go pick up the look for less in it’s entirety to add to my closet! By the way, the Steve Madden Btalia white satchel is a look for less of the very expensive Balenciaga Giant 12 Mini City leather tote!

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Your Thoughts?

  • Amanda Ellis

    I am all for the Look for Less!

    • Fab Fatale

      heeeyyyy Amanda, awesome. thanks so much for your vote and it’s so good to hear from you :)

  • Katie

    I loved the look for less blog! I am all for a weekly post.

    • Fab Fatale

      im so happy you loved it. that’s so nice to hear! based on the votes here and at facebook, i think I’ll be able to cure my looks for less withdrawals with a weekly series. thanks!

  • Katy

    I am all for it! I love this look.

    • Fab Fatale

      oh good! i’m so happy to hear that! thanks for the vote :)

  • Robin

    I loved your looks for less blog. I would love to see more.

    • Fab Fatale

      ohhh a reader from my looks for less days taking a vote! i love that! im so happy you’d love to see more. thanks!

  • Patti

    I too miss the looksforless.com! That’s where I first started following you and getting so much inspiration for outfits. I say keep doing them please!

    • Fab Fatale

      well, if “you” want more, then i must deliver! you’re way too awesome and supportive to not give your vote more weight than others in my poll ;) luckily, it’s mostly yays, which makes me so happy because i have looks for less withdrawals on occasion ;)

  • Lauren

    YAY! For sure!

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  • Mari

    Yes, I love the looks for less! Keep it up!