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Easter Nails – Easter Egg Dyed Manicure

Easter Manicure Tie Dye Water Marbelling Easter Nails

For those of you that saw my white primed nails and a dozen hard boiled eggs at Instagram, you may have had an idea that I’d be trying a swirly twirly Easter egg dyed manicure today! What better way to get the look than by water marbelling!

I have found water marbelling to be one of the most difficult types of nail art EVER! Actually, it’s not that difficult… it’s just frustrating trying to get the polish in place on my nail and cleaning up all of the polish that lands on my fingers! Luckily, this manicure doesn’t involve any shapes, like my Valentine’s Day heart water marbelling manicure, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. The frustration aside, I think it turned out pretty well and it’s PERFECT for Easter.

Easter Manicure Tie Dye Water Marbelling Easter Nails

For this Easter manicure, I started out with a white base using Zoya Purity, a beautiful bright white cream polish, perfect for Spring! For the water marbelling, I used every color from the Zoya Spring Awaken collection including Dillon, Rebel, Hudson, Dot, Cole, Brooklyn. I won’t have a tutorial on water marbelling for you here since I didn’t invent it and there are a ton of how-tos already out there on YouTube.

In case you haven’t entered, I’m giving away the entire Awaken collection, including 4 other Zoya collections!

Easter Manicure Tie Dye Water Marbelling Easter Nails

Do you have your Easter manicure planned out yet? I hope you’ll share pics with me at my Facebook page or Instagram :)

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Your Thoughts?

  • Just as fabulous as I was hoping it would be. Love it :)

    • Fab Fatale

      ohhhh im so happy you love it! thank you! im ready for a nail art post at your blog now. i miss our secret mani chats over twitter DMs on what our next nail art posts would be… long before nail art was so mainstream and cool ;)

  • Love this! I totally need to try it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sooo cute! Perfect for spring!

  • Briana

    Beautiful! It’s like an easter cosmic galaxy pastel explosion!

    • Fab Fatale

      HA! i love that! thank you so much!

  • Cari Avalone

    Gorgeous spring/easter colors! I’ve been wanting 3 shades from the awake collection. But I’ve been broke. Woulda been nice for my bday on easter to do an easter mani with them. Ah well, I’ll just enjoy looking at everyone’s beautiful and inspirational easter manis online! I love water marbles. ..I need to try to do one soon! :) Have a wonderful Easter!

    • Fab Fatale

      im so happy you like the mani, thank you so much. i also hope you entered the contest at my giveaway post :) if so, good luck :)

  • Love the nails! Such a pretty way to show off so many colors.

    • Fab Fatale

      thank you so much! i’m so happy you like them :)

  • I thought this was a water color. It doesn’t look like a water marble at all. I’d love to know how you did this. I know there are plenty of water marble vids and how to’s but none of them look like this…not even close.

    • Fab Fatale

      heeeey kellie, im not sure why mine looks different. i think because some of the colors are shimmers, so they were thicker than cream polish and held their shape better. also, i put the first blob in the water, which sort of contains the other blobs, and instead of layering them one inside of each other to form a bullseye, i put the other blobs side by side within the first blob, and then just swirled a little bit with a toothpick. i hope this helps :) if you try this out, you’ll have to share a pic at my facebook page :)