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A Tour Of Our New House – A Blank Slate And Mixed Metals

Light Blue House Dark Brown Door Garage

Who knew that building a house would involve so many details. It was so overwhelming, but in the best way possible. I enjoyed every second of it. I’m so happy to start with a fresh blank slate and can’t wait to begin decorating. Is there any better way to spring clean that sell your house and start with a new one ;) We’ve worked so hard for so long for this moment with baby in our new house, and we really couldn’t be happier!

Get ready for full on pic overload – Pinterest inspired details, mixed metals, herringbone backsplashes, and a Restortion Hardware look for less!

Lake House

About a 100 feet of our property is on a lake, so I really wanted to go with a lake meets cottage theme for our house. I want a comfy cozy home that is inviting and entertaining. The decor will eventually feature lots of candles and throw pillows. I LOVE transitional design – mostly traditional bones like our brick fireplace that will stand the test of time with touches of contemporary pieces, such as glam lighting, that can be switched out easily when they become dated. I also wanted a few rustic touches since we live on a lake.

Light Blue House Dark Black Front Door Black Garage Door

I ended up going with a mixed metals theme inside the house of dark rustic bronze and super light and shiny chrome, so I thought I’d continue the high contrast in colors outside with a light gray blue siding and nearly black front door and garage doors. I thought the look turned out light and airy and I can’t wait to add a couple of dark wood rocking chairs on the front porch.

Restoration Hardware Bronze Lantern Sconces Look For Less

I had no idea that these Minka Lavery Crossroads Point outdoor fixtures were a Restoration Hardware Cambridge Sconce look for less until long after I’d picked them up. I LOVE these lantern style sconces! The bronze sconces and chrome door hardware was a way for me to mix my metals on the exterior as well.

Mixed Metals Foyer Bronze Pendant

As you walk into the foyer you will be facing the living room and kitchen. Down the hall, my office is the first door on the left, a bar leading into the kitchen is on the right, and past those doors on the left is our garage, laundry room, and upstairs to the bonus room. You can also take a right from the front door to get to the basement.

Mixed Metals Living Room Kitchen White Tongue Groove Beams Ceiling Bronze Chandelier Traditional Brick Fireplace

The view from the foyer of the living room, kitchen, dining room, and screened in back porch. The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining. We had a housewarming party and John’s first birthday last weekend and there was plenty of seating between the island bar, the dining room, the outdoor table, and our new living room sofa. Pardon my husband’s ugly chair. It will be replaced soon lol.

Mixed Metals Living Room Kitchen White Tongue Groove Beams Ceiling Bronze Chandelier Traditional Brick Fireplace

If you followed along throughout my building process, then you probably recognize my favorite feature of this entire house, the white painted tongue and groove and beams ceiling. It was inspired by a pic I found at Pinterest and when we started designing our space, we thought, why the heck shouldn’t we go for it?!?! It was our most expensive upgrade, but so worth it. It captures the lake cottage feel I was going for perfectly. The trim guys did an amazing job and said it was fun to work on a ceiling other than coffered or tray. I’ve only had popcorn, so this is above and beyond amazing to me!

Mixed Metals Living Room Kitchen White Tongue Groove Beams Ceiling Bronze Chandelier Traditional Brick Fireplace

Another shot of our white painted tongue-and-groove and beams ceiling with a bronze chandelier.

Traditional Living Room Screened In Back Porch

Here’s a shot with the camera’s focus on the back porch and yard. My Chesapeake extending outdoor table came in, but we’re still waiting for the chairs. It gets a little buggy in Florida, so we love that the porch is screened in so we can keep the french doors open and catch a breeze. It makes the room seem so much bigger when we’re using both spaces. We have a yard full of beautiful oak trees and Spanish moss that lights up in the sunset. That chaise sofa, seen here at Instagram, has become my fav spot for blogging.

White Tongue Groove Beams Ceiling Bronze Chandelier Traditional Brick Fireplace

Most of my ideas for the house came from Pinterest or Houzz (I highly recommend their email newsletter). I would actually have the idea first, and then search both of those sites for a match to what was going on in my head. This brick fireplace and mantle is exactly what I wanted to add a bit of rustic traditional charm to the place. I thought it all went well with the tongue and groove ceiling. I gave the trim guys this exact mantle pic and they matched it up so perfectly! Pardon the childproofing bumpers I added to the brick the second we moved in lol. The door on the right leads to our bedroom hallway, pics below.

Mixed Metals Kitchen Living Room Bronze Chrome

Moving on to the kitchen, the 3 bronze pendants above the island were the first thing I purchased for the house before we even started building. I knew I wanted rustic, so the bronze was perfect, but I also wanted a house where a fancy candlestick would fit in, so we mixed up the metals by adding in chrome doorknobs, faucets, cabinet hardware, and chrome light fixtures. All white cabinetry got bronze hardware, and all other cabinetry throughout the house {brown and black} were dressed up with matching chrome knobs and pulls.

Mixed Metals Kitchen Chrome Bronze Pendants Black Barstools Black Island Hop Up Bar Super White Quartzite Black Leathered Granite Herringbone Backsplash Subway Tile

I thought the kitchen may turn out to be a super hot mess because I didn’t have samples of everything to compare to one another. We went with a quartzite countertop {super stong material} in Super White on a black island, Absolute Black granite in a leathered finish over white cabinetry with bronze glazing, bronze hardware on the white cabinetry, chrome hardware on the black cabinetry, a white Asian Statuary marble {which I think is actually a carrara} for the backsplash in herringbone and subway tile to coordinate with the island, bronze lighting, and a chrome faucet and pot filler. Wow! That was a lot to fit into my brain and try to imagine it all going together. Somehow I think it all works :/

Mixed Metals Kitchen Chrome Bronze Pendants Black Barstools Black Island Hop Up Bar Super White Quartzite Black Leathered Granite

I picked up these black swivel ladder back barstools because I loved the shape, but I didn’t like the cherry seat, so I painted them black.

Traditional Island Legs Bar Hop Up Black Cabinetry White Granite Super White Quartzite

The island is a combination of pics I found at Houzz and Pinterest. I love the super deep hop-up bar, traditional legs, and molding around the base. The guy that installed our cabinetry was super excited about our island, which is a huge compliment to the design we picked out.

Super White Countertops Traditional Kitchen Island Hop Up Bar Black Cabinets

Black cabinetry, chrome drawer pulls, chrome cabinet door knobs, and Super White quartzite island hop-up bar countertop.

Mixed Metals Kitchen Chrome Bronze Super White Quartzite Countertops Black Leathered Granite Cabinets Traditional Brick Fireplace

We wanted a bar hop-up so that we could hide the dirty dishes in our sink, but we also didn’t want our countertop broken into two shallow pieces so we asked the builder to make each level as deep as possible. We had our housewarming party catered from a local barbeque place, so the countertop was perfect for the buffet line. Because of the depth of the hop-up, we needed legs rather than corbels for support, and I love the way it turned out!

Mixed Metals Kitchen Chrome and Bronze Hardware Traditional Hop Up Island Black Cabinets Leathered Granite Super White Quartzite

Mixed Metals Bar Herringbone Backsplash Carrara Marble Asian Statuary Black Leathered Granite Cabinets Chrome Bronze Hardware

From this angle, you can see the kitchen, the bar pass through {bar at right, walk in pantry at left} the foyer hallway if you had taken a left from the front door, and then my office.

Herringbone Backsplash Carrara Marble Asian Statuary Chrome Pot Filler

This backsplash was an idea I had and of course, I found a great example at Pinterest via Houzz. I hear that in design, you are supposed to repeat elements, so this herringbone backsplash behind the pot filler is repeated in our bar space, pics below.

Mixed Metals Bar Marble Herringbone Backsplash Carrara Asian Statuary Black Leathered Granite Countertops Cabinets

In my attempt to repeat elements, but make the bar a little different and more modern than the other spaces, I repeated the herringbone backsplash from behind the pot filler, and then went with a black-on-black look with the Absolute Black leathered granite seen in the kitchen over the same black cabinetry used for the island and the chrome hardware. I think it turned out so fun! This was actually a butler’s pantry that we turned into a bar with the wine fridge. Directly across from the bar is the walk in pantry and it all passes through to the hallway outside my office.

Mixed Metals Bar Marble Herringbone Backsplash Carrara Asian Statuary Black Leathered Granite Countertops Cabinets

This is a close up shot of the Asian Statuary white herringbone marble backsplash. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably already seen the three decanters and the cupcake plate I picked up a while back from a flea market in Georgia and the backsplash in our “wine and keys” party pic the day we closed.

Glam Home Office Chrome Chandelier

If you turn around directly from the bar pass through, you will be in front of my office door, which shares a wall with the front door in the foyer. This is probably the space where I have really gone from one extreme to another mixing contemporary and rustic pieces with my wood x-legs desk in a Tuscan finish and the super sparkly chrome chandelier.

Glam Home Office Chrome Chandelier

The table in the corner on sawhorses will be my photography set up for all of my product and food pics. The window space is perfect for tons of good natural lighting.

Glam Home Office Chrome Chandelier

The x-legs desk and the white bookcase are both from Pottery Barn Teen. Their pieces are perfect for smaller spaces, are much more affordable than Pottery Barn, and certainly don’t lack in style.

Glam Home Office Chrome Chandelier

The white geometric open sides bookcase, based on a vintage original, will be my “to-do list” housing all of the products I need to review.

Glam Home Office Chandelier

I’m crazy about the pull doors made of wood and glass. I really wanted a glam office with hints of rustic pieces, so the doors just add one more sparkly glam touch to the mix.

Glam Home Office Chrome Chandelier

My desk is in the center of the room directly under the chandelier for a little bit of drama. I also thought that would free up the corners of the room for storage and seating. I’d like to add a chaise or lounge chair to the empty corner so I can relax in my own space while I blog. I’d also like to do layered rugs in this room – a room size rug filling most of the space with a smaller rectangle rug over that under my desk.

Stained Stair Staircase Steps Post Handrail

This is the staircase leading to the upstairs bonus room, my husband’s office. To the left is the garage door, to the right is the laundry room, across from the stairs is the drop-zone, and I’m standing in the hallway with the bar pass-through behind me. I love the stained stair steps, post, and handrail.

Mixed Metals Transitional Bathroom Black Iron Chrome Granite

This is my husband’s bathroom upstairs. I’ll show you his office/bonus room when he gets it a little more put together. I went with a more masculine look to this bathroom with a black and gray “pebbled” granite, black mirror, black cabinetry, black cabinet hardware, and a chrome faucet.

Transitional Bedroom

In the living room, to the right of the built-ins was a doorway that then leads to this doorway. This is the hallway to our bathroom {first door on the right}, then walk in closet {second door on the right}, and then the bedroom.

Mixed Metals Bathroom Bronze Chrome Hardware Lighting

Going clockwise, my husband’s vanity is on the left, then the tub, then my vanity, then a small room for the toilet, and then the shower on the right.

Mixed Metals Bathroom Bronze Chrome Hardware Lighting

I need a wide angle lens. It was so hard to get a lot in these pics when I only had so much room to back up into each space.

Mixed Metals Bathroom Bronze Chrome Hardware Lighting

We’ve gone for mixed metals in the master bathroom as well. The white cabinets have bronze glazing and bronze hardware, and then we went with chrome for the faucets, lighting, and all other bathroom hardware. The bronze and gray in the tile pull it all together nicely.

Mixed Metals Bathroom Bronze Chrome Hardware Lighting

The his and hers chrome hooks right outside of the shower were much better than a towel bar.

Mixed Metals Bathroom Bronze Chrome Hardware Lighting

I love the glass shelf for additional storage in our insets. We have two shower heads, one on either side, and then a rain shower head above.

Mixed Metals Bathroom Bronze Chrome Hardware Lighting

I have yet to use that tub. I need to find the time!

Transitional Bedroom Lake House

This is our master bedroom. I can’t wait to get in here and start decorating! I love the 3 picture windows above the bed. They literally give us a different beautiful “picture” all day long!

Transitional Bedroom Lake House

Transitional Bedroom Lake House

In this room, we have tray ceilings and french doors that lead to a balcony overlooking our backyard and lake.

Transitional Bedroom Lake House Master Balcony

Master balcony overlooking the backyard and the lake. We hope to stain the deck and add a bistro set.

Transitional Bathroom Mixed Metals Chrome Bronze

This is a pic of our guest bedroom. Between our kitchen and dining rooms, there is a small hall that leads to the guest bedroom, a bathroom, and John’s nursery.

Transitional Bathroom Mixed Metals Chrome Bronze

Transitional Bathroom Mixed Metals Chrome Bronze

Again, I really need a wide angle lens so I can fit more of this bathroom into one shot. It turned out to be my favorite bathroom with the traditional medium brown wood cabinetry and contemporary chrome hardware and lighting.

Transitional Bathroom Mixed Metals Chrome Bronze

Glass walk in shower with bench seating.

Transitional Bathroom Mixed Metals Chrome Bronze

A reflection of my puppy on the guest bed.


This is John’s nursery. Now that he is a 1 year old big boy, I think I’m going to switch this room up all together. I have lots of fun ideas!

Oak Trees Spanish Moss Lake House

John on an impromptu walk {which is why he’s pantsless lol} in our back yard, discovering pinecones and trying out his brand new shoes!

The only other spaces I have yet to show you, because they need a little work is our upstairs bonus room {my husband’s office}, the laundry room {maybe it will be “Pinterest-worthy” someday} and our unfinished basement. If we have a second baby, then the guest room will become a nursery and we’ll finish off the basement as a “guest suite”. I can’t wait to start decorating. Lots of pics on that coming soon I hope :)

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Your Thoughts?

  • Brienna

    Gorgeous!! If you can’t find the time to use that tub, I would be happy to come over and use it for you, lol! I think that was definitely my favorite piece but the whole place is magazine worthy. Stunning.

    • Fab Fatale

      Heeeey Brienna, magazine worthy? That’s the best compliment ever! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you think it’s gorgeous and thank you so much for the compliment :)

  • Amanda Wolff

    Jennifer, your home is beautiful! I love what you’re doing with the place! So great that you guys were able to add so many custom touches to your home, and it gives me inspiration to redecorate! :)

    • Fab Fatale

      Hey Amanda, I’m so happy I could inspire you, as so many pics on other sites have inspired me. It’s so nice to be able to have a place with more space that’s decorated to our style. My house before was so drab that if I put anything fun in it, it always looked out of place. Now I think I can get away with just about anything here… hopefully. Thanks so much for the comment :)

  • Kat

    Beautiful house! And super cute kid!

    • Fab Fatale

      Aw, thanks Kitty Kat! :)

  • Trina

    Jenn, this is so exciting! Such a great decorator, you are. I’m terrible at it but I try. I think my two favorite things are the floors and the island.

    • Fab Fatale

      Thank you so much Trina! I’ve never considered myself a decorator at all, but somehow it all came toghether (I think lol). I guess as long as you love your space, that’s all that matters.

  • Umm. WOW! It is beyond gorgeous. I have a few questions…let me know if it’s too personal. I’m thinking of either buying or building. I really like the building part even more after seeing your home. What are the steps to building your own home. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how much does building a home like this cost?

    I have to say the ceiling looked fabulous when you showed the inspiration pic. But now…it looks beyond perfect. I have black kitchen furniture, so seeing how you applied black with other neutrals is just gorgeous! Really loving the backsplash.

    Bathroom, of course, is just dreamy!

    I can’t wait to see how you decorate the place.
    P.S. I always wondered about your nail polish collection. Something tells me the sneak peek is just some of it and not all. ;)

    • Fab Fatale

      Hey Michelle, Good to hear from you :) We’ve owned our land since 2007, the year before we got married. Once I got pregnant 5 years later, we were really motivated to build so that our baby could grow up here. We also knew there would be a lot of transition before we were able to move in {selling our home, renting while we build, having the baby, etc}, so the sooner the better.

      In our town, we have an annual Parade of Homes two weekends in May where you can go to newly built homes around town and meet the builders. Not only did we find a builder that we loved, but we also loved the floor plan and recreated it. We made a few modifications with the builder, like adding on a basement to make use of the slope of our land and a few other things. We really enjoyed the building process. My husband mostly dealt with the layout since square footage = dollars, and I mostly dealt with all of the decor. If we came across an upgrade that we both agreed on, then we went for it. Otherwise, if we both weren’t into it, then we passed. Staying out of each others part, and then agreeing on upgrades, really made for a stress free process.

      I wish I could comment on price, but it really varies per builder and by location. When you meet a builder, make sure you check out the quality of their work and find out what their standards are. Our builder’s standards included really nice features like granite countertops, tall baseboards, etc. Nice standards usually means a higher price per square footage to go with that builder, so it just depends on what you can afford and if those standards are worth it to you.

      I hope this helps and let me know what you decide :)

      • Thanks for the info. I may give some serious thought to building now. I’ve fallen in love with the Hannibal house and have been wanting the same features he has (the library/office, kitchen and wine room are out of this world). Of course, his house is just a set and to duplicate that library/office in an already built home would be difficult. I like the thought of just building your dream home instead of searching for someone else’s dream home to live in. After all, this is the house I want to live in until I die. You’ve definitely given me something to think about. Thanks for sharing.


        • Fab Fatale

          I’m so happy I could help. Thanks for the feedback. Oh, and about the nail polish. I can’t fit any more into those storage bins, so that’s why I give so much away these days that the brands send me to promote. Whew, I’m sure I’ve given away WAY more than you see in that pic, if that gives you any idea as to how much I’ve had in this house all together LOL. I’m a lucky girl!

  • Janine Walker

    Your home is spectacular! I am so thrilled for you and JH. Much love and happiness! Xoxo

    • Fab Fatale

      Thank you so much Janine! We are ready for your visit! I hope you can make it this way some time, sooner than later :) Much love and happiness to you as well :)

  • Jordan

    Seeing how this translated from your pinterest to your home is amazing! Gives me hope that all they crazy pinning I do isn’t for nothing lol! Where in Florida are you located? Curious because I’m in northern Florida (Jacksonville) and it Is impossible to find that much land! But it’s exactly what I want, to stay in Florida and have a large beautiful lot like that! Are you further south?

    • Fab Fatale

      Hey Jordan, I’m so happy you like our place, thank you so much for the compliment! Isn’t it crazy how we can bring Pinterest to life, and in what bigger way than when building a house?!?! Your pinning isn’t for nothing :) I rarely look back at my older pins because I realize my tastes change over time and become more fine tuned, so I just focus on my recents. I also take the pins I REALLY like, and add them to “My House In Progress” board. Hopefully that will help you navigate the madness that can become a Pinterest board lol. You’ll have to keep in touch and let me know if/when/how you bring your pins to life. Thanks so much for the comment :)

  • It is so beautiful! It looks right out of the restoration hardware catalogue!

    xo, megan http://www.tfdiaries.com

  • It is so beautiful! It looks right out of the restoration hardware catalogue!

    xo, megan http://www.tfdiaries.com

  • Ally

    Love love love it! Everything is beautiful. I am dying to know the paint colors?!

    • Fab Fatale

      Hey Ally, I’m so sorry for the delayed response! I’m just seeing your message :) The interior light tan paint is Porter Paints Whiskers, the interior and exterior off-white trim color is Porter Paints Gypsum, and the exterior light blue paint is Sherwin Williams Misty :)

      • Ally

        Thank you!!

  • Debra

    The green eyed monster just consumed meee!! Your house is amazing!

  • Cynthia

    What a beautiful home! Have fun decorating it. I can’t wait to see what you do … especially John’s room. So much fun decorating a little boys room and getting to start all over. So fun!

    • his room is getting a “beach shack” makeover. i can’t wait :)

  • Patti

    Jennifer, your home is truly stunning! I just got a chance to look through the pics since I was out of town. You did a wonderful job picking everything out. Your choices were great and ended in a lovely home for your family. I am so happy for you. Enjoy!!!

    • how did i miss this? thank you so much patti. we are loving it here!

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  • terri gibson

    If you ever want to sell let me know! You have built my dream home and I will repeat it here up in Canada! Absolutely beautiful!
    You should become a designer for sure!

    • Fab Fatale

      oh my gosh, that is the nicest compliment ever! thank you so much. when i started this project, i thought i had 0 home-decor style, but everyday when i walk through my house, i think, hmmm not so bad LOL. thank you again and i hope you’re having a very happy 4th {if ur in the states}.

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  • Caitlin

    I love the outdoor light fixture! It is exactly what I am looking for :) In your picture, it looks more like a black metal not like the bronze metal it shows on amazon. Is it more black in real life? Thanks!

    • it does look almost a solid black, but up close, its definitely oil rubbed bronze :)

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  • chrisjamil109

    You have a beautiful home!
    What’s the name of that paint color?

    • thank you so much @chrisjamil109:disqus! the interior color is porter paints whiskers :) the trim is gypsum and the exterior is sherwin williams misty.

  • Bobby-Jo Lutner

    I also want to combine classic and beachy. You have done a wonderful job. Your kitchen and living space area on point for my style as well and it makes me feel that all those pinterest and Houzz saves are actually possible. May I ask you a few questions? What are your floors in your home? Where did you get all your light fixtures – study, bedroom fan light, living area, nook lights etc. What is the brick and mortar on the bottom of your exterior home. Thanks for the info.

  • LaShenny21

    What a beautiful home! ♥

  • Elizabeth V

    Wow!!! I love it. And I love the idea of the glass shelves in your shower nooks. I”m stealing that one if you don’t mind. A small detail, but genius!! You will make many, many wonderful memories in your new home.