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3 years of trying to get pregnant
over 300 IVF shots
3 pregnancies
1 that barely took
another that took me past my first trimester {biggest heartbreak of my life}
and two months after my miscarriage, because I wanted to try again as soon as possible, we were pregnant for the 3rd time!

the past 12 months…

sold our first home together and moved out when I was nine months pregnant into a rental
sold thelooksforless.com while moving boxes into the rental
went into labor 3 weeks early before we were out of boxes
the baby was just as much trouble getting out as he/she was getting in, but as i woke up from my morphine nap, i met my baby “boy”!!! {greatest joy of my life}
we didn’t even have a name picked out yet, try figuring that out while doped up!
got stuck in the hospital for a week because baby john had high risk jaundice
got home, finally, and started my maternity leave in the brick floor house (with a baby, yikes!)
started building our dream home while our rental was falling apart
ended up in the hospital again for a week when john got RSV that led to pneumonia
moved out of the rental on john’s first birthday, exactly a year after we moved in

and it all led to this moment…

a very happy healthy 1 year old baby boy in our dream home! how beautiful is his view? he’s a lucky boy and we are very happy parents!

this weekend, two weeks after moving in, we had a big first birthday and housewarming party to celebrate. it’s crazy how our goal of having a baby and moving into our dream home collided into the same moment! i’m so happy and so exhausted. i’m also so ready to enjoy a slower pace for a minute and enjoy our new house. and hopefully start blogging again!

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Your Thoughts?

  • Brienna

    This post brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you! On to the next chapter :)

    • Fab Fatale

      thank you so much brienna. “on to the next chapter”… i like that! :)

  • Mindi

    We are so excited everything has worked out for you, JH, and now Baby John!! Can’t wait to see you all and help you celebrate another milestone! They will come far to quickly so do slow down and enjoy them as they come. Love you all!

    • Fab Fatale

      Thank you so much Mindi. Can’t wait to see you soon :)

  • Julie

    Congrats on everything, you definitely earned it!

    • Fab Fatale

      That is so nice of you to say! Thank you so much Julie!

  • Patti

    Phew! Y’all have been through so much! But, this pic brought a smile to my face. That beautiful baby and that beautiful view! I feel like I know you though we have never met! Maybe one day we will. Ha ha Until then, enjoy this wonderful time!

    • Fab Fatale

      Phew is right! It has been a lot, but I’m so happy we’re finally on the other side of it and can enjoy it all. I feel like I know you too and yet we’ve never met lol. We go way back ;) Thanks so much for always keeping in touch :)

  • Kit Kat

    He is one of the luckiest little boys I know, not to mention cutest! So much love for you 3!!! <3

    • Fab Fatale

      i agree, and i agree! :) And so much love for you! Thanks kitty kat!

  • Cynthia

    I am so happy for all the wonderful moments that have happened to you and your family. Enjoy these beautiful moments because one day you’ll be like me and saying to my hubby as I did today, “Can you believe our oldest will be 7 this year!”

    • Fab Fatale

      Oh my gosh, I know it! He promised he would be a baby forever and now he’s one. It went by way too quickly! You are so right and I do my best to take it all in. Thanks Cynthia and good to hear from you :)

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  • Michelle Kenneth

    This just showed up in your Twitter feed and I got confused. I was like…wait…I’ve seen pics of this house several times. I thought you moved in ages ago. Well…that’s b/c this post is from 2014. LOL. Glad I’m not going nuts this AM. HAHA. But it’s good though to recap what you’ve been through to get to where you are now.

    • HA! oh gosh, sorry to confuse. i meant to add the #FFarchives tag to that tweet :)