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3 years of trying to get pregnant
over 300 IVF shots
3 pregnancies
1 that barely took
another that took me past my first trimester {biggest heartbreak of my life}
and two months after my miscarriage, because I wanted to try again as soon as possible, we were pregnant for the 3rd time!

the past 12 months…

sold our first home together and moved out when I was nine months pregnant into a rental
sold thelooksforless.com while moving boxes into the rental
went into labor 3 weeks early before we were out of boxes
the baby was just as much trouble getting out as he/she was getting in, but as i woke up from my morphine nap, i met my baby “boy”!!! {greatest joy of my life}
we didn’t even have a name picked out yet, try figuring that out while doped up!
got stuck in the hospital for a week because baby john had high risk jaundice
got home, finally, and started my maternity leave in the brick floor house (with a baby, yikes!)
started building our dream home while our rental was falling apart
ended up in the hospital again for a week when john got RSV that led to pneumonia
moved out of the rental on john’s first birthday, exactly a year after we moved in

and it all led to this moment…

a very happy healthy 1 year old baby boy in our dream home! how beautiful is his view? he’s a lucky boy and we are very happy parents!

this weekend, two weeks after moving in, we had a big first birthday and housewarming party to celebrate. it’s crazy how our goal of having a baby and moving into our dream home collided into the same moment! i’m so happy and so exhausted. i’m also so ready to enjoy a slower pace for a minute and enjoy our new house. and hopefully start blogging again!

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