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My Pinterest Inspired Home

White Tongue Groove Painted Beams Ceiling

We went to Georgia for 4 days last week and came back to this!!!! My Pinterest inspired ceiling had been installed! We usually go by the house daily to check out the progress because the anticipation gets the best of us, but when we were gone for a few days, we came back to SO many fun changes. Last week, the house was full of white dry wall and cold concrete which was a huge change from the framing we’d been looking at for a while, and this week we were greeted by my beautiful white painted tongue-and-groove ceiling, beams, hardwood floors, exterior brick, and bathroom tile. Wow, all of the things I’d selected at a 3 hour design meeting months ago are now coming to life. I hope it all comes together because I hardly remember everything I picked out so quickly!

White Tongue Groove Beams Ceiling

I’m not sure if there’s a bigger “Pinspiration” possible than major upgrades to a home based on Pinterest. We’ve had our land for 6 years and had we built before Pinterest, my design choices would probably be so different! I’ve heard girlfriends say “my wedding would have been so different if I’d had Pinterest for inspiration at the time” lol. I have to consult Pinterest before I make any major decisions on EVERYTHING home related. My husband will ask, “do you have any ideas for porch flooring?”, and my response is always “um, hang on a minute, let me consult Pinterest” lol. I literally have done a search on all aspects of our home from lighting to floor tile and everything in between.

White Tongue Groove Plank Ceilings White Beams Kitchen Living Room

My Pinspiration Ceiling

I came across the pic above earlier this year and pinned it immediately {last seen in my Room By Room Inspiration Series post}. It is an amazing white painted tongue-and-groove ceiling with white painted beams. This was a must have for our home and is probably our most expensive upgrade, meaning it isn’t a standard offering from our builder included in our cost to build. We live on a lake so I really wanted our house to be transitional with hints of contemporary and rustic elements mixed in here and there. I even found a chandelier nearly identical to the one pictured.

This ceiling is literally driving the whole “cottage at a lake” feel that I was going for and influencing all of my design decisions. I just love it so much. We’ve given a few tours though our house in progress already and it’s definitely a conversation piece. Even the trim guys that were working on it said I was so creative and they really liked working on a ceiling other than the standard living area trey and coffered. I’ve actually never lived in a home nice enough to have anything other than popcorn ceilings lol, so I am totally going to be spoiled with our tongue-and-groove in the living space, trey ceilings in our bedroom, and coffered in my blogging study. I’m just so excited!

I hope you’ll keep checking back for many more house updates including interior home decor when we move in. What is the biggest impact Pinterest has had on a project you were working on?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Gorgeous! You have such lovely taste, and that picture is totally something I would have pinned myself. I’m totally saving it as inspiration for my own future home (long ways away, but still, a girl can dream, right?).

    That ceiling definitely reminds me of something you would see in a beach cottage. Some of these homes I see on Pinterest and other blogs totally blow me away sometimes. I live in Arizona and it’s so unfortunate because the builders and design centers here do not offer nearly as many options as they do on the east coast, it seems. The homes here are really just “cookie cutter homes” and if you want something outside of what’s offered, you basically have to do it yourself. For instance, many homes in the east coast have the pretty white molding around the windows. Well apparently, that’s not something offered here! There just aren’t many customizable options. That picture totally sums up how I envision my dream home, though. Thank you for sharing!

    I can’t wait to see how everything looks in the end! :)

    • Fab Fatale

      hey melissa, im so happy you like it and thank you so much! it’s just crazy to me that i’ve browsed pinterest for so many fun little projects, and now i have this beautiful ceiling that i found from a pic on pinterest lol. i just can’t wait to see how everything comes together.

      that’s too bad that you don’t have more options in arizona. this wasn’t necessarily something that the builder offered, but when i showed him the picture, he was able to find a contractor that specializes in trim work (they do tray ceilings, window sills, door frames etc.). do you think you can find a trim expert and see if they can do some custom work for you?

      you’re so welcome and thank you for your comment! i hope you’ll come back for more pics soon (the lighting is going in today, yay!)

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