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Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup

Update 11/7/2013:

I did it, I did it, I did it. I finally got accepted into foodgawker.com!

Previous Post 11/6/2013:

Somehow over time, I’ve really become addicted to food photography. I’ve loved to cook and bake for years and have always enjoyed sharing pics of food with my friends on Facebook. When I started sharing, it was all about the food, but recently, I’ve become passionate about the styling and the photography as well.

Once upon a time, I owned the blog thelooksforless.com {sold it earlier this year} and I know a lot of my fab readers followed me here from that site. The main reason I wanted to create Fab Fatale is so that I could blog about way more than just fashion, in particular my love for food… and now my baby ;) I took an online food photography class last month at CreativeLive.com with Andrew Scrivani, a New York Times food photographer, and I feel like my images are slowly but surely starting to improve.

This weekend, I made my Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup for a charity bake sale and thought I’d photograph it again, just to compare my “before and after class” pics. I’m about halfway through the course and feel like I can see an improvement. The pic above was the only image I had at my Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup post, and now I’ve replaced it with the one below, and several others documenting the process {since it is a bit confusing to explain in the recipe}. The “before” pic was after trying to hone my styling skills for about a year {examples of my worst pics are below lol}, but still had to be touched up A LOT in Adobe Lightroom because I’d used faux outdoor lighting with umbrellas and the composition was too close. After the class, I got a better lens and tripod, picked up some new linens, took my pic using natural lighting, and I’m getting so much better at working with my camera’s manual settings. Hopefully I’ll just keep getting better because I truly do love it. I can’t wait to have a little food photography corner set up in my new office. I’m so excited!

I have this mini-goal of getting a recipe accepted into FoodGawker.com. I have no idea why, maybe because they’ve turned me down 6 times already lol {due to poor composition, lighting, styling, etc.}, but I feel like it will be a small victory and acknowledgement that maybe I am getting a bit better. Wish me luck lol. They may not accept this recipe since I’ve submitted it before {their system may not accept previously declined URLs}; however, if I get rejected again {wah wah wahhhhhh}, then I have a soup recipe coming up and I’ll try that one as well.

Update: I did it! My pic got accepted by foodgawker.com.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rollup Recipe

Here are a couple of other images from way back that make me cringe LOL. My white balance for both images {game day slow cooker chili and burrito pie} was so blown out, that I literally had to modify the sour cream in Photoshop so that it didn’t look like a massive white blob. Eeek!!!



What hobbies are you passionate about? Do you feel you’ve perfected your skills or are you a work in progress?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Well apparently I don’t know much about food photography bc I thought the original pumpkin roll photo was great. Haha. I’ve been out of practice with photographing anything lately tho. My book about my (our) camera sits on my shelf gathering dust :/
    Right now I’m into redecorating my home since we got new flooring. It made me sad I’d not put any effort into our decor in the entire 8 years we’ve been in the house. Things are looking so much better. At least by my low standards haha.

    • Fab Fatale

      HA, thanks Trina. I do admit that the first pic was not my worst work, so there isn’t too much variation between that and the second. I’d already been practicing quite a bit when I took that first pic, but boy did it have to be touched up A LOT to even come close to the second pic, which is pretty much straight off the camera. The main reason Food Gawker declined the fist pic was “Too Tight Composition”, so hopefully they’ll accept it this time with better composition. The idea is that the first pic, once it’s cropped to a square was really WAY too close. I ended up taking a verticle pic since those are easier to crop to a square, and submitted that, so here’s hoping!

      I sure wish I was into photography when you were doing your weekly challenge! And I sure do miss your blog. My heart sinks a little when I go to your page and see that the last post was in July :)

      And about your home decor, I requested a before and after at Instagram :P Have I missed that pic? I am WAY into home decor at the moment and pinning A LOT which our new home in progress. Thanks for checking in over here with a comment. Miss you!

  • Ps I’ve made this recipe and its so good!

    • Fab Fatale

      yes you have and im so happy you liked it! thanks so much!

  • Wow that Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll looks delicious!! Maybe I’ll do it sometime :D
    And for me the pictures looks great, I really like the way you take the photos! can I ask which camera do you use? really both pictures looks really nice!
    Greetings :)

    • Fab Fatale

      Heeeeey Brianda, How are you? I hope you’ll try this recipe sometime, and if you do, you’ll have to share a pic at Instagram or Facebook. I use a Canon Rebel T1i. My husband got it for me a couple of years ago from Costco for Christmas. I didn’t even know I wanted a camera, yet it’s my most used present EVER. I guess he saw a habit in the making lol. I’m so happy you like my pics, thanks so much! Greetings to you as well :)

  • Michelle Kenneth

    I’ve been considering taking a few photography courses as well (along with a Photoshop class). Ever since I started reading more and more food, fashion, and home decor sites, just watching how much work that goes into taking an amazing picture that in Pinterest loving…takes more than just your average camera. I usually photograph hockey, architecture and the outside world while I’m traveling. Food/home/fashion photography is a whole new & different world to me. Kudos for taking the class. I’m going to look into it as well, b/c I want to start sharing recipes. Right now, taking photos of food always turns out blah. I should put that on my 2014 To Do list. :) Keep on practicing. Practice always makes perfect.

    • Fab Fatale

      Hi Michelle!!! Soooo good to hear from you, as always. I am hooked on Creative Live and highly recommend their courses. They have free live courses, and you can purchase them if you’d like to watch them later on demand (watch at your own pace, pause, rewind, etc). As the courses are playing live, they offer a discount, otherwise you can pay full price at a later date. They have tons of amazing photography classes. Yes, it is a lot of work that goes into those pics. From the cooking, to the set up, to the photography and then editing and posting. You should definitely put that on your 2014 list, I’d love to see your work :) Take care and thanks for the comment!

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  • Congrats! I’d love to interview you for the creativeLIVE blog, if you’re up for it. whitney.ricketts@creativelive.com.