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Halloween DIY – A Sequin Studded Pumpkin

Sequin Studded Pumpkin Halloween DIY

I discovered Agustina of AgusYornet.com, a craft blogger from Argentina, while browsing Pinterest one day and reached out to see if she’d like to do a Halloween themed guest post at my site.

This turned out to be a pretty interesting challenge for her since they don’t celebrate Halloween in her country. In fact, she even found it difficult to track down a pumpkin, but came through just in time for a fun sequin studded pumpkin diy. She couldn’t even find a pumpkin with a stem, so she had to make one out of paper mache :) So creative!

Check back next week for a halloween party favor DIY, also from Agus!

Sequin Studded Pumpkin DIY

Sequin Studded Pumpkin Halloween DIY


Paint the pumpkin with white paint, if the skin is really dark you might want to paint it twice.


I made some dough out of the flour and water to make a fake stem, because here they sell all the pumpkin without stems. Paint the stem with silver paint while the pumpkin dries.


Paint the stem with some glue and sparkle the glitter all over.


Attach the stem to the pumpkin.


Once the pumpkin is dry, start adding the sequins. I used regular glue, and try to put more in the top and less in the bottom, like an ombre sequin effect.


Let it dry, and your pumpkin is done!


What do you all think of Agustina’s adorable sequin studded pumpkin? I hope you’ll check out her blog, AgusYornet.com for more fun DIY ideas, and check back here for another DIY collab next week, this time with a Halloween party favor.

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