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Sitting Up And Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Onesie

My little man is so multi-talented! Not only did I catch him sitting up for the first time in these pics, but he pulled it off all while supporting the ta-tas lol. I started snapping these pics thinking he was about to crawl, but then he popped up into sit up position and looked at me like, yeah mom, that’s what’s up hahah. He looked like he knew exactly what he was doing! In fact, I had planned on doing a photo shoot with him in his onesie {downloadable pink tie below}, but after I’d caught all this on my iPhone, I thought it was too cute to not share. I’m such a proud mama!

I made John a breast cancer awareness onesie for our local “Paint The Town” pink day. I printed out a pink tie onto decal paper and then ironed it onto a onesie. He is wearing a 6 month onesie, so if you’d like to try this as well, you may need to make the tie smaller or larger in Photoshop, depending on what size your baby wears. As a side-note, don’t use the decal paper from Target. If you look closely at the pics, you will see that it started to crack and look a little worn.

Here is a link to my breast cancer awareness onesie tie. It’s a pink striped tie and I added a little breast cancer awareness ribbon over it.

Did you or your family do anything to raise awareness for breast cancer? If so, what did you do?

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