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Love it Longer With Tide, Downy, and Bounce


February 2013 – This was the day we closed on the sale of our first home together. Oh the tears as we said goodbye! We packed up the last box, moved into a rental while we build a house, and little man showed up the next day, 3 weeks early!

I remember the first time I ever wore skinny jeans. I felt SO free… free of all that extra material around my ankles! It was a rainy day and I was jumping puddles across a parking lot in my skinny jeans and flats, and for the first time ever, water was not crawling up my jeans to my knees. I’ve picked up other styles of jeans since then, but I just keep going back to my fav everyday skinnies, paired with a fun tunic, a cropped blazer, and a stylish pair of flats (aka my uniform.)

My first pair is still my favorite pair! These jeans have been with me through the highs and lows that have been my life these past 4 years. Everything that we’d been working so hard for ended up happening at the same exact time. I was finally pregnant with my little miracle baby and moving out of our newlywed house after 5 years, all while 9 months pregnant. Yes, I even wore my skinnies throughout my entire pregnancy thanks to one of those belly bands that hold your jeans up while unzipped and unbuttoned, lol.

Baby Boy Easter Apparel

March 2013 – Easter Sunday in our future neighborhood. John turned 1 month old that day.

Now we’re in a rental property with baby John while we have the house of our dreams built. My goal when I lost (most of) the baby weight was to fit into my fav skinny jeans. I have a few pair of designer jeans, but for some reason this $29 pair, kept fresh over the years thanks to using Tide, Downy, and Bounce, are by far my fav. By using the combination of these three must-have household products, I’m able to keep clothes looking newer 50% longer vs. using detergent alone.

Downy and Bounce coat fibers to protect against abrasion, pilling, fading and softens clothes at the same time. Tide fights chlorine color damage, soil re-depositing on clothes, brightens whites and the natural enzymes attack stains.

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