In The Spirit Of The Holidays

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DIY Vanilla Recipe

There is something about Labor Day that always makes me think of the holidays. We have football on TV, gumbo in the slowcooker, Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice latte a bit early, and the temp is finally starting to drop a little here in Florida.

In the spirit of Christmas, that’s only 113 days away, I thought I’d go ahead and make my DIY Vanilla Extract that takes 2 months for the vanilla beans to infuse the vodka. I make several bottles because I will use so much of this for my holiday baking and give a few away as a stocking stuffers to the bakers on my Christmas list. It’s WAY less expensive than what you buy in stores, the same ingredients, so easy to make, and the beautiful swing bottle adds to your counter top decor.

Does Labor Day put you in the spirit of the holidays? Do you also swear every year, as I do, that you’ll start your Christmas shopping sooner than later? LOL

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5 Responses

  1. Lauren says:

    I want to make this for some of my neighbors and friends. What do you think about using vanilla vodka instead of regular vodka?

    • jennifer says:

      hmmm, not too sure. it may make it too sweet, or vanilla-ey. it may have sweetners or something in it that makes it either not process correctly, or taste different. jh’s mom used my first batch and said it was just like what you buy at the grocery store and she bakes often enough to be able to tell the difference. let me know what you end up doing :)

  2. Emily says:

    I have had some chilling out since like February. I am so excited to be able to put it into little bottles for Christmas. What type of bottles are you going to use?


    • jennifer says:

      hey emily, you’ll have to share a pic at instagram or my facebook of what you come up with. i’d love to see your bottles. i just use these oversize swing bottles, about 20 ounces each, and give them as gifts. the little cork bottles are so cute too as stocking stuffers.

  3. […] year, I make a few bottles of homemade DIY vanilla for my winter baking and holiday stocking stuffers for my friends that love to bake. It takes about […]

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