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Manicure Mondays – Turquoise Sequins

Turquoise Sequins Manicure

FabFatale.com got a fab new makeover this weekend and I’m so excited to celebrate it with a glittery turquoise and sequins mani. I hope you all like the new site, give or take a couple of design bugs I’ll be working out over the next few days. I’ve added a fixed navigation header so that you can easily access the other categories and a Pinterest style homepage that allows you to look at an overview of several posts to choose what you’d like to see, rather than the previous homepage that only showcased 4 full posts. I think the cleaner look will be more friendly to navigate and highlight all of the images that I love taking for my blog. Please let me know what you all think!

This is my “summer ain’t over yet mani” lol. I was working on a glittery DIY for my son {coming soon} and when I saw this gorgeous turquoise sequin glitter I knew he had to share with mommy for Manicure Mondays ;) I checked my nail polish storage to see what would pair well with it and the color I grabbed happened to be one of my favs, Julep Dianna, named after my bud, The Budget Babe. I painted all of my nails with Dianna, and with the accent finger still wet, sprinkled glitter {a cheap tube of glitter from Michaels} all over it and pressed down just a bit to get it to stick well.


Are you all still wearing Summer manis or getting ready for fall with darker shades?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Frenchroast

    I’ve already moved on to fall–the weather where I am has been weirdly fall-like (when usually the summer lasts well into September) so I’ve just been more in the mood for fall. Plus, I scored a couple of the China Glaze fall collection early, and it’s so pretty I just had to use as soon as I got it.

    • jennifer

      ohhhhh what colors did you pick up from china glaze? it’s still hot in florida, so im still in a sunshine state of mind :) im getting excited about fall though.

      • Frenchroast

        I got Tongue & Chic, Rendez-vous With You, and Strike Up a Cosmo. There are still a bunch left at http://oflifeandlacquer.com/blog-sale/ I would’ve got all of them, but I’d already bought a bunch of nailpolish and I have to keep my nailpolish budget in check. I looove China Glaze’s fall collection this year, though.

        • jennifer

          you’ve got amazing taste! those are the exact 3 i love most from that collection too lol. if you ever swatch them, id love to see a pic at my facebook page or you can tag me at instagram :)

  • Patti

    Beautiful nails and love the new Fab Fatale!

    • jennifer

      thank you and thank you! i appreciate the feedback patti :) hope you are doing well.

  • Lanae Bond

    I love the color of this nail polish!