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Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin’

BlogLovin' Google Reader Transfer

I’ve been using Google Reader for years and I was shocked when Google announced they’d be ending my favorite RSS reader next week on July 1st. I still haven’t decided what reader I’m going to use instead, but I’m leaning towards BlogLovin’. If you’re using Google Reader, make sure you go ahead and back up all of your feeds before the site shuts down this Monday – you can do so here.

I like BlogLovin’ because, like Google Reader, it is super simple and straightforward. I don’t really want any distracting bells and whistles. I just want to read posts from my favorite blogs, and “heart” articles I enjoy along the way. BlogLovin’s blog has a tutorial on how you can import your Google Reader feeds into your account at their site.

What alternatives are you all considering to replace Google Reader. Have you found another that is as clean and simple as Google Reader?

If you’d like to follow my blog with BlogLovin’, you can do so here – Fab Fatale on BlogLovin’.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Cynthia

    I am slowly switching to BlogLovin’ too and also subscribing to my blogs through email. The downfall with email is that now I get over 60 emails (and for me that’s a lot) overnight and gradually through the day 30 plus more.

    • jennifer

      heeeey cynthia, how are you? yes, bloglovin’ seems to be the trend right now, and i really like their simple interface. they only thing i’ve noticed so far that i don’t like is when i read all the articles from a blog, it disappears from my list. there is an option to add them back in, but that option seems temporary. i like to see everything i have subscribed to at all times in my right sidebar, even if i have 0 unread posts. all in all though, its pretty close to my google reader :) i hear ya about email overload. i can’t handle my inbox at times lol.

  • my company sells a easy form of wordpress called RapidPress. I really like it. I don’t have much to blog about but I have a silly template up so you can look.

    • jennifer

      i didn’t know you have a website?!?! baby ellie is so freakin cute!!! and guess what, i love giraffes too lol. silly, i know, but i really do! thanks so much for sharing. do you use a reader to subscribe to blogs, or do you usually subscribe by email?

      • I don’t do much on my website. Just kinda have it to have it! Thanks, baby Ellie is quite the diva. I still go old school and have your link in my bookmarks bar. I get the e-mails too but I just love the layout of your site. I always visit.

  • Emily

    I am actually a big fan of Feedly. It is simple like Google reader used to be, but it organizes even better – easier to customize the way I want it to look. It will also import all Google Reader contents (when you first sign in, it prompts if you would like to do so). One of my favorite features is that it works as a background program on my Google Chrome browser. It is always “on” and there when I want to look at it. And for the vanity in me, I can change the background color. :)

    • jennifer

      Ohhhh I’ve never heard of Feedly. I’m off to check it out now. Happy you shared before reader shuts down so I can import now and test it out. Thanks so much for the scoop!