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DIY Ombre – L’oreal Feria Wild Ombre Review

L'oreal Feria Wild Ombre Review

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It’s true that when you’re pregnant, your hair grows SO fast. I thought I’d take the opportunity to deviate from my usual short locks and I’m having so much fun with my new length. These days, I’m finally getting to try beachy waves, a sock bun, and in the review above, the ombre trend.

With a new baby and a new house soon, I couldn’t afford to go to the salon for an expensive ombre. Desperate for a mommy makeover, I thought I’d try out the trend at home with a DIY ombre using L’oreal Feria’s Wild Ombre Kit. Check out the video above for my how-to tutorial and my thoughts on the results.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Karrie

    I’m so glad that you posted this! Unfortunately, I went and had my ombre done in early May and paid a considerable amount for it. I also bought “purple” shampoo to help preserve the blonde. Yours turned out great!

    • jennifer

      thank you! i was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how well it turned out :) i think im ready to try it again for a bit more dramatic results. i was thinking that if i did two subtle applications, vs one dramatic application, then i hopefully won’t get any harsh lines. that was my biggest fear of doing a diy ombre. i love the purple shampoo. if i decide to go a bit lighter, ill need to pick some up for sure.

  • It looks AMAZING. Totally looks like you had it done professionally. Good to know it works!

    • jennifer

      thank you so much. im so happy you like it. i was surprised at how well it turned out and cant wait to try it again :)

  • Looks pretty! Going to go check this out!

    • jennifer

      thank you! if you give it a try, i hope you’ll share a pic at my facebook :)

  • Nancy

    I loved how this ombre technique turned out on you! I just got my hair done in the salon and did a few blonde highlights because I am naturally a brunette – that is a huge step for me! You made it look pretty simple to do on your own. I may have to branch out and try it! Thanks Jenn!

    • jennifer

      thank you so much nancy! you know, i have always dyed my own hair, with the exception of going lighter. i lighten my hair maybe once every other year and bleach has always scared the you know what out of me. sometimes from over dying my hair over the years, i just have to get it professionally lightened and start fresh. i was shocked at how well this turned out and how easy it was. i want to do it again to get a more dramatic result. it was fun. if you try it out, let me know what you think :)

  • Mama Mia

    Wow. Your hair looks great. I’m all for saving a few dollars (lots in this case) when it’s do-able and turns out the way you want. So I would say this was a success.

    • jennifer

      thanks so much mama mia :)

  • spirit_kim

    Your hair looks great. I might try now that I have seen out it is done.

    • spirit_kim

      how it is done, that is.

    • jennifer

      ohhhhh im so happy you like how it turned out. have you given it a try yet?

  • I used it too! I need to touch up because my hair is growing ridiculous

    • jennifer

      wasnt it surprisingly easy! i want to try it again to get a lighter effect! my hair is falling out so much since i had the baby, so i may wait a bit lol.

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  • Rebecca

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience!! Your hair turned out beautifully and I like the fact that you added in highlights and piecework in other parts, such as around your face. I have been coloring my hair for 22 years, done a lot of corrective work from my own disasters and salon disasters, and the way your hair turned out LOOKS like you paid $200 for it!! Wow!!

    I recently departed from years of being a high-lift blonde, trading it for a level 6/7 (brown/mahogany), but I want to give my hair some depth. I have been looking at the ombre kits, and am thinking about just using the 060 as highlights, or trying something similar as what you did. Since the last color I put on my hair has a part mahogany base, I am a little afraid it will lighten to orange, rather than caramel highlights. You said you used an ash blonde before you applied the ombre kit, so I am assuming you used a 7.1 (.1 being ash). The ombre kit you used is a 070, which is neutral, and is why it looks fantastic. (I don’t mean to bore you with all the numbers, but I have had to learn a lot since living abroad where it seems NO ONE here knows how to color!!)

    Any thoughts?

    • Fab Fatale

      heeeey rebecca. you’re so welcome and i’m so happy you liked the review. yes, i couldn’t believe that i was able to correct my hair on my own (it usually gets dark at the ends from too much dye over time) and save myself so much money. i’ve never lightened my hair on my own, so i was really happy with the results!

      i’m not a professional hairdresser, so i’m not really sure what to do if you have hair that leans a little red. i didn’t use the ash dark blond as my base, it was just a regular dark blonde. i think that any color that you use under this would be really pretty, however, if you work the highlights up to your roots, i’d make sure your roots are freshly dyed also so that you don’t get any hot spots, as natural hair/roots do tend to lighten a lot brighter than dyed hair.

      i hope this helps and thanks for reaching out with your comments!

      • Rebecca

        Thanks for the reply! Actually, you are right – I went back to listen to your video again and after I posted that, I realized you said dark blonde, which was a 7.0 (neutral blonde), not a 7.1 (ash blonde). I already neutralized the red tones in my hair with a pearl blonde, which worked wonderfully. I am not a professional stylist either, but I sure have learned a heck of a lot playing with my hair over the years!!

        Again, I watched about 20 videos on the DIY L’oreal Ombre kit, which seems fool-proof, but NO ONE had hair that turned out as beautifully as yours. In the end, I bought the same kit you did, but I chickened out. I was too afraid it wouldn’t turn out and I would end up with orange highlights. Plus, I was arriving at my limit of processing for my hair. *,* I went to my faithful hairdresser for highlights and she paid me the most amazing compliment ever – she said she loved my base color (which was the corrected color I did myself)!!

        At any rate, thanks again for sharing your story – it would be perfect for a L’oreal promotional campaign for this product!!!


  • Sandra

    I loved the tutorial! :) I always wanted to try this on my hair, but I have some doubts: do you know if it’s specifically recommended for blonde hair? I wear a Ginger blonde right now and I was wondering if I could use this product to make a ombrè effect on this color gradient palette, do you think it would work for me too?
    PS. Excuse my English, I’m Spanish :S

    • Fab Fatale

      hey sandra, im so happy you loved the tutorial, thanks! you mentioned that you are blond. is your hair naturally blond or color treated blond? if you used bleach to make it blond, i would be careful, but i think you will be fine (i’m no expert). i used this on my hair twice in a row, so i put the bleached ombre on already bleach treated blond ombre, and it was just fine. i didnt have a problem with this product at all, but what i will say, is when i tried to dye over it with a natural brown color, the ombre looked a little green, so i had to go over that with a little red to negate it and now it looks just fine :/ i hope this helps :)

      • Sandra

        Sorry I didn’t make myself clear enough :P I’m naturally dark brunette dyed to ginger, my question was supposed to be if not being brunette would the L’oreal ombré work on my orange-ish dyed hair :) Thank you for the advice anyways, I think I’m gonna try talking to the hair stylist first, cause I’m no expert in dyes and I won’t know what to do if it turns out bad hehe

  • Jess

    It’s a tad subtle for ombre. No doubt.