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Newborn Baby Surprises

My friend Dianna from The Budget Babe is 34 weeks along with her first baby, yay!!! It was so fun to be pregnant together, comparing notes on our experiences, and now she’s reaching out for my thoughts on being a mom.

All things baby is my favorite subject right now so when she asked what my biggest surprise has been as a mommy, I was excited to share. Luckily, my husband and I have been around babies most of our lives, so there were no big surprises, but there have been SO MANY interesting, exciting, and yucky little surprises that I thought I’d respond to her in a fun blog post.

That Little Baby Body

  • Even though I adore those baby blues and stare into them all day, surprisingly, my favorite baby part is those adorable little fetal feet. Oh, they seem to have a mind of their own the way his toes bend, flex, and wiggle with emotion. His fetal feet grasp each other in prayer and are such a fun reminder of the time he spent squished in my belly. His toes are so long that they’ll even attempt to grip my finger.
  • His natural born instincts “fresh out of the womb” are beyond surprising, like his ability to wrap his little hand around my finger and how he attempted, very accurately, to root for a boob the first time I held him. It’s like he has an internal compass that tells him exactly where the nip is, no matter whose holding him and what they’re wearing lol. It’s so fascinating and at times, SO funny! He ain’t scared to lunge for a boob and slobber all over my t-shirt while raising his eyebrows and grunting lol. I always say he’s such a proper gentleman while requesting a boob, {in a British accent} “um, pardon me, can I have a little boob please mommy” lol.
  • I LOVE that he kicks with his little fetal heels and punches with his wrists.
  • The fact that you will cheer on a poop and suck boogies out of your baby’s nose because it will become your mission in life to make sure he is happy and comfortable. I refer to the diaper change followed by a bottle as the “reset button” combo.
  • Oh, the rotation of facial expressions he makes when he is milk drunk warms my heart, makes me giggle, and literally fills up my iPhone with pics of his every silly face. You’ll attempt to record the weirdest things, like the shape his little tongue makes when he cries, as though he’s giving me his best Cher impression lol.

My Changes, Life and Body

  • Watching my stomach deflate rapidly on a daily basis was beyond surprising and SO fascinating. Oh, the joy I feel to be able to see my parts and pieces again, to get out of bed without feeling like I need an eject button, and to sleep on my belly again. Oh, and your bladder capacity returns immediately lol. Pure joy!
  • Leaky boobs, especially when your baby cries, is not a myth!
  • It’s surprising how much time you’ll spend on your phone while cuddling your baby, Googling about your every concern like “natural remedies for diaper rash”, “average age of SIDS”, and “am I feeding my baby too much” {what did our moms do without Google lol}. If I’m not Googling, them I’m purchasing baby products on Amazon and reading tons of reviews {I highly recommend their prime membership shipping}.
  • The fact that my favorite section in Target is now the baby department is beyond surprising lol.
  • As a first time mom, I don’t know many lullabies, but my ability to remix a pop song in an instant was surprising lol. My latest… “you gotta squeeze, and shout, and let it all out… you are now now pooping with baby John and Mommy bitch!” {a Britney and Will.I.Am pooping remix}.

It’s Just Emotions, Taking Me Over

  • Prepare to boo-hoo cry the first time you lock eyes with your baby, I mean really make eye contact and he actually notices you for the first time {happened between weeks 1 and 2 for me}. I refused to look away until he did and it took me a while to get myself together and regain my composure. You’ll often find yourself wondering how much of a tearful moment was hormonal, or just pure joy.
  • Surprisingly, I didn’t get post-pardem depression. I thought I’d be a pretty good candidate after the year I’d had {with my previous pregnancy}, but so far so good!
  • It’s surprising that I feel the need to drop everything that was important to me before he showed up, just so I can snuggle a little longer, as if the previous 2 hours just wasn’t enough.
  • Surprised that I feel a part of a very exclusive and exciting club, the mommy club. It’s so exciting to bond with other new moms and I so appreciate those relationships, even if being a mommy is the only thing we have in common.

Routine, What?

  • On our first day home with baby, it was a bit surreal and all of a sudden I was confused about the basics, like changing a diaper. I knew how to change a diaper, of course, but I had to put thought into my every move – have wipe in hand, get the next diaper lined up, the diaper rash cream open, and then go for it, quickly! Preparation is key, especially with a boy that loves himself an open air incident lol. Stock up on changing table covers if you have a boy {I recommend a minimum of 3 so you’re not doing wash everyday}! This preparation and consolidation of your every move will soon apply to ALL things as you learn to eat faster, pee faster, and shower… well, every 4 days if you’re lucky lol. Luckily, most things are finally routine and don’t require much thought anymore, but it took a second.
  • I’ve learned to not confuse a “routine” with a “schedule” – a schedule will hopefully come when he’s old enough. Right now we are on a baby led on-demand feeding and sleeping schedule, but luckily we are only waking up once a night. I stay up late and feed, my husband or I wake up at about 3am for another bottle and diaper change, and then my husband gets up early and gives him a bottle while he works and I sleep in a little. It’s not so bad really.
  • I was surprised that everything must be done in phases now because even though they say that all newborns do is eat, sleep and poop, they’re tummies are so tiny that they do those things in constant rotation and quickly.
  • I was surprised that a team of 2 parents could be so sleep deprived, making me have a new appreciation for single moms doing it on their own. They say sleep when your baby sleeps… yeah right! My little man sleeps during his feed and 20 minutes upright {that’s about 40 minutes total}, I can put him down in his swing for a little bit after that, wash a few bottles and eat quickly, then he’s ready for another diaper change and feed. He’s finally up to 3 hours between bottles, so that helps a little lol.
  • I was surprised that there’s always at least 3 things that need to be done at the same time – when u wake up because the baby’s crying, do u breast feed, eat a bowl of cereal, brush your teeth or pee first. I usually pee, feed the baby, and then eventually eat and brush my teeth, around lunch time lol!

My little man is growing up so fast and it breaks my heart. We’ve already retired the newborn diapers and his little gender neutral onesies to a space I’ve dubbed “the sad drawer” lol. He’s already replaced one sweet coo with new ones, his rolls are now so deep that I recently discovered them full of onesie lint lol, and his little fetal legs are stretching out more and more every day reminding me to savor every sweet baby moment before they pass me by!

When you became a new mom, what were your biggest surprises?

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