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Manicure Mondays – Autism Awareness Nails

Autism Awareness Manicure

With a newborn in my arms most of the time, my attempts at nail art have to be quick and easy. For autism awareness month, I thought it would be fun to take my favorite outline manicure and colorize it in contrasting shades of blue. I’ve done this Chanel inspired manicure a few times (see Chanel nail art and Pantone’s emerald green nail polish) because it’s easy, fun, and it’s dual colors can be customized for your favorite occasion, holiday, or team. For my autism awareness manicure, I used Zoya Indigo and Blu.

Autism awareness is very near and dear to my heart – one of my best friends Kathy has a son with autism and this little flirt has my love. He is so freakin sweet, cute, smart, and gives the biggest hugs, refusing to let go if I’m lucky! He has such a fun sense of humor that keeps us laughing and smiling with his LOVE of pirates and sharks.

Please visit the Autism Society for more information on Autism Awareness Month and to find out how you can support their efforts to increase awareness.

Autism Awareness Manicure

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Your Thoughts?

  • Absolutely amazing! I think this is my favorite of the Chanel nail arts you’ve done. I wish I had your precision to recreate this. My top layer wouldn’t look nearly as neat.

    • jennifer

      oh you should try! you’d be surprised at how easy it is :) if you go for it, i hope you’ll share a pic at my facebook page :)

  • Kit Kat

    I am speechless! Crocodile tears are streaming down my face, I love the way you talk about my love. Thank you for always supporting me and my family. And bringing more awareness to a really great cause! <3

  • Ale

    It is so funny that I have my nails painted in OPI’s Russian Navy right now. My color is very similar to Zoyas, shimmery and all. This will take them to the next level. BTW, Jen, Welcome back girl!!!!

  • Gorgeous and for a great cause!!!

    • Fab Fatale

      thank you! im so happy you liked the mani and i totally agree about the cause. it’s very near and dear to my heart :)

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