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Little John’s First Easter

Baby Boy Easter Apparel

I bought little man the cutest coat, searsucker pants, and sailboat onsie outfit at Target the other day for Easter. With the baby all dressed up, my husband and I thought we’d do the same and we went out to our future neighborhood for a pic.

John’s first Easter also marked his one month birthday. Our day was full of baby, Cadbury Mini Egg white chocolate bark, and a lot of relaxation. I hope you all had an amazing day with friends and family!

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Your Thoughts?

  • He’s just the cutest.. great pic!

    • jennifer

      thanks so much terri. i think he’s the cutest too ;) hopefully im not biased lol.

  • LOVE!!!! Jen, you look RIDICULOUSLY SKINNY!!! OMG, no way you just had a baby a month ago ;)

    • jennifer

      you are so sweet vanessa!!! thank you so much! it’s so nice to fit into my skinny jeans again ;) it was an exciting day lol.

  • Cannot believe he’s a month already! You look fantastic!

    • jennifer

      i can’t believe it either and thanks so much! slowly but surely starting to get into the swing of things again. :)