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You Are My Sunshine Artwork

This children’s artwork was my first purchase and is the color-palette inspiration for my gender neutral nursery.

Welcome to my very first baby post! I couldn’t be more excited. Besides my “I’m pregnant” announcement and a couple of maternity style outfit posts, I haven’t mommy blogged about pregnancy or baby, until now :) Even though I’m pregnant and nearly homeless {1 month until our house closes, 2 months before baby arrives, and we still have to find a place to rent and move}, a girl can still dream about the nursery she wishes was already set up, right? People have asked me if I’ve started nesting yet and I respond with a, oh yeah, that would be nice, if I had a house to nest in LOL.

We’re not going to find out the gender of our baby, and I had no idea how difficult it would be to find gender neutral nursery decor and apparel. My options when I shop locally are usually a green and yellow combo, or a pile of neutral tans and browns. The children’s artwork above was my very first nursery purchase and not only do I love the artwork and song {the song meant a lot after everything we’ve been through}, but I thought the colors were the PERFECT color palette for a gender neutral nursery! I love that is mixes drab, almost vintage yellow and green, with a few pops of coral orange and turquoise.

The following is a gender neutral nursery roundup of rooms that have inspired me, followed by my list of purchases so far, which is still in progress. I have so many more gender neutral nursery ideas at Pinterest, and some of you caught on to my pinning before I announced that I was pregnant ;) I can’t wait to get everything set up.

Gender Neutral Nursery – Inspiration Rooms

Modern Gender Neutral Nursery

Not exactly in my color scheme, but I am SO in love with this room, in particular the Stokke baby crib. I really need this crib in my life. LOVE! designed by sissy + marley

Gender Neutral Nursery Tan Brown

This nursery is a little too tan and brown neutral for my taste, but I am in love with the decor, in particular the layering of shades and shears, the chrome changing table, the bookcase with baskets and the chandelier. image via

Gender Neutral Nursery Tiffany Blue Green

What’s not to love about this nursery? The painted furniture is beautiful – the Tiffany blue crib and celery green table, curtains, and chair go so well together. I also really love the framed photography in the corner of the room. image via

Ombre Dresser Drawers

The second I saw this pic, I grabbed my childhood dresser out of a closet and my husband took it to a professional to have it stripped, reinforced, and repainted. It was yellow with orange drawers when I was little, and my mom painted it solid black when I was in college. I heard there were so many layers of paint when they stripped it, so who knows if it had a previous owner that also gave it a few layers. I love that my kiddo will have a little piece of family history with my dresser. Based on my nursery artwork, the ombre dresser drawers will be light to dark drab celery green, similar to the top 3 drawers in the pic. image via

Gender Neutral Nursery Green Blue Yellow

This gender neutral nursery uses all of my colors – celery green, turquoise blue, yellow, and a splash of orange. image via

My Gender Neutral Nursery – Purchases So Far

Gender Neutral Nursery

For the base of my gender neutral decor, I purchased celery green bedding including chenille changing covers, a dust ruffle, and crib sheets, broken up by a neutral organic bumper at a Gilt sale last week. The coral lamp, shade, turquoise baby blanket, and yellow toss pillow are from Target, the turquoise chevron rug is from Urban Outfitters, and the super soft toddler pillow and zebra blanket are from my new fav shop for home decor, One Kings Lane. Lastly, the color palette inspiration for my gender neutral room is the “You Are My Sunshine” children’s artwork from Gilt.com.

As soon as we have a new address, I’m going to purchase a white crib and changing table. I think the only thing I have left to pick up is a glider chair and a few throw pillows. My ombre dresser should be finished up soon, and I suppose I will need a side table.

Any other furniture, bedding, or accessories suggestions for this first time mom? Am I missing anything obvious?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Cute! It’s all preference but I’ve never had the need for a changing table. I’ve always just useda bed, low dresser, couch, floor, etc and saved the space & money for other things!

    • jennifer

      great idea, julie. thanks so much for the tip. and you’re so right! now that i think about it, one of my inspiration rooms uses a chrome dresser as a changing table. i suppose if you just put a changing pad and cover on top of the surface, then you’re good to go?

      • Yep, I put a changing pad on the dresser!

  • Patti

    All of the inspiration rooms are lovely! I actually always used a changing table. In fact, I used to joke that I spent 90% of my day there! I found that the bed or other area was too low and would give me a backache. I especially love the dresser with changing pad in your first photo. But, it’s whatever works for you. Ooohhh, so exciting!

    • jennifer

      heeeey patti, how are you? yes, i was thinking maybe a dresser… something above hip height with a changing pad on it. thanks so much for the suggestions and if you can think of anything ive left off my list, please let me know. so good to hear from you and thanks!

  • i love all of them, especially the first one

    • jennifer

      thanks megan! im definitely going for the look of that first room, but will add in a little color.

  • Natalie

    Ahh you must be so excited! I know that it’s almost impossible to find gender neutral stuff – it’s all either pink or blue! When my brother was born we decorated his room bright yellow with some Winnie-the-Pooh wall decals. It was really bright and warm – and once he got older we could just peel the decals off! Good luck with your house hunting!

    • jennifer

      I am SO excited. it’s hard to be overwhelmed with all we have going on when it’s all so fun! yes, so impossible to find gender neutral. what the heck! i love the winnie the pooh themed room and decals are such a great idea! thanks for sharing!

  • The art inspiration you started with is perfection but I can’t find it on Gilt.com. I’m desperate! Is there anywhere else this would be available?

    • jennifer

      after a google search, i wasn’t able to find them either :( most sales at gilt are repeated eventually. i’d sign up for notifications of their baby and kids sales to make sure you don’t miss it if it comes around again. if i see them anywhere, ill be sure to let you know :)

    • Fab Fatale

      Heeey Katie, if it’s not too late, I just saw the artwork again, this time at One King’s Lane. I thought I’d share :) https://www.onekingslane.com/invite/fabfatale Go to the Child’s Gallery sale.

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  • Jeanne

    Hi Jennifer,
    Where did you purchase the “You Are My Sunshine” artwork? I am also trying to do a gender neutral nursery and this would be a perfect addition.

    • Fab Fatale

      Hey Jeanne,
      Sorry I’m just writing you back, but the artwork was sold out back in June at Gilt when you wrote me; however, I just found it again at One King’s Lane and thought I’d share. If you’re still interested, here is the link :) https://www.onekingslane.com/invite/fabfatale Go to the Child’s Gallery sale. Like the artwork sold at Gilt back in June, this is also a limited time sale.

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