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Instagram Wall Art - Clothes Pins Line Dark Room

Besides my nights and weekends blogging hobby, I also have a full-time day job as a web developer. My office is covered in plain white walls and, while I decorated the wall in front of me that I can see, I’ve been told that I need to do something with the big white space behind me so that my coworkers have a better view when they stop by for a visit. As a web developer, I’m lucky enough to work in an environment that encourages creativity, so I thought I’d come up with something that was a bit of a conversation piece.

What better way to add color and style to my blank canvas than with Instagram wall art? Not only do I get to chat with my coworkers about the cool apps that I used to make this art, but they also get a little glimpse into the fun things I do in my free time such as baking, hanging out with my cute pets, and fun trips to the beach in the summer. The pics essentially showcase creative projects within a creative art piece.

When I was little, my mom worked for a photographer and I used to hang out there in the summer watching them develop pictures in the darkroom. I thought I’d go for a photography darkroom clothesline feel with my Instagram wall art, as though the pics have been hung on the line to develop and dry.

Instagram Wall Art - Clothes Pins Line Dark Room

I recently discovered PostalPix, an app for iPhone and Android, that allows you to upload pics directly from your phone’s library and about 5 days later, you get printed pics in the mail. In addition to the ease of use, low cost, and fast shipping, the fact that they will print square Instagram pictures, in addition to 4x6s, was very exciting! To test out their services, I started with 21 pics {$5.50 + $1.25 for shipping} and will definitely be using them again and again for all of my iPhone pic printing services.

To make the Instagram wall art, I needed a strand of 60″ hemp cord and 2 clear push pin tacks placed 50″ inches apart on the wall for each line. Make sure you measure from the ceiling so that the tacks are level. I twisted and knotted the twine around the tacks, allowed a little give with the twine in between tacks, and cut off the extra twine leaving about an inch outside of the knot. This row will easily hold 10-11 4″ Instagram pictures hung with tiny clothespins.

If you’d like to create a second row. place your next two tacks 7 inches below the first two tacks. This gives room for the first row of Instagram pics and a little space between.

So what do you think of my Instagram wall art? Is this Instagram darkroom wall art something you would try at your home or office?

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