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DIY Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Extract

diy vanilla extract – day 1 of 2 months

I found a recipe for DIY vanilla extract last year and LOVED the idea of a much less expensive version of the vanilla extract I buy in stores. The ingredients are pretty inexpensive, vodka {the cheap stuff is just fine} and vanilla beans. The reusable bottle also saves money and waste over time.

I made this DIY vanilla extract for my “expert baker” mother-in-law as a stocking stuffer last Christmas because it makes such an interesting gift, and so that she could let me know if it compares to the real deal. I picked up a glass swing bottle and vanilla beans, split the beans vertically down the middle with a knife slicing only one side, added 3 beans per 8 ounces of vodka, closed the container tightly, and stored it in a cool dark place for 2 months giving it a shake on occasion.

My mother-in-law has baked with it several times and assures me that it’s just as good as the expensive vanilla we buy in stores. With her stamp of approval, I finally made a bottle of my own {I wasn’t wasting vodka until this recipe had been tested and approved lol}. Since they take 2 months to process, I’m going to make a couple more bottles so that I always have one ready in rotation when I’m close to running out.

To keep up with the “ready by date” for my homemade vanilla extract, I searched Pinterest for printable labels and just happen to find a vanilla label!!!

Printable Vanilla Labels

I am beyond excited about these labels! I downloaded the .jpg, opened it up in Photoshop, whited out the last two lines and added in my name with a handwriting font! I wrote in the date with a sharpie so that I can print out an entire sheet of labels {6 per page on Avery 8165 label sheets} and just add the date as I make each bottle. The scale of the labels fit perfectly on my 12 and 18 ounce swing bottles; although I think it looks best on the 18 ounce bottle!

Vanilla Extract Labels

This DIY vanilla extract will make the perfect stocking stuffer, or part of a baking set, for all of your cookie and cake baking friends on your Christmas list.

diy vanilla extract recipe – use real butter, vanilla extract labels – the graphics fairy

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