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Butter London Slapper

Who knew nail polish could be so controversial??? It just so happens that my most popular mani (viral, stolen, shows up on Facebook ads, etc), my Butter London Slapper swatch, also happens to be the only nail polish that I have ever had trouble photographing. I LOVE to take all of my nail polish swatch pics outside. I think direct sunlight shows colors and shimmers that you just don’t see in a light box or indoors.

One reader commented that I was misleading my readers – ok, I could see her point if A. I didn’t disclose that it was taken in direct sunlight (this is “true to color” in direct sunlight) or B. I had altered the color in Photoshop, but why would I do that? Because I think bright blue is going to sell better than a teal green? or C. I hadn’t explicitly said, “this polish looks bright blue outdoors, and more green teal indoors”. In fact, if you read the review of the collection, it wasn’t very positive because I prefer to disclose rather than “mislead”.

If this is the only swatch that has stirred up this kind of controversy, and all my pics are taken in direct sunlight, then maybe this is just one of those colors that’s difficult to photograph, as mentioned by other bloggers here, here, and here. I didn’t go looking for bloggers that declared this color was difficult to photograph, these happen to be the first 3 results that show up in a Google image search, 100% of my small sampling agree that it’s difficult to capture this color on camera lol.

Another commenter told me I need get a better camera and learn my settings. Well, I use a Canon Rebel T1i DSLR and use manual only settings. Even if I don’t alter my settings, I can turn my hand one way and a polish will look totally different than if I turn my hand more towards or away from the sun. If I shoot in a light box, I can change my aperture or shutter speed slightly, and again the same polish can look so different. So if I’m trying to match the pic to the polish’s “true color”, would that be in indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, the lighting in my dining room, the lighting in my bedroom? Truth is, polish looks different in all light, so all I can do is disclose that I take pics in direct sunlight, and in this instance, I also described that it looks greenish indoors.

The latest, a commenter said that I owe her $14 bucks! My advice to anyone that was misled by this one pic that happens to be difficult to photograph is to never spend $14 on a nail polish unless you’ve done a Google image search to see what the polish looks like in different lighting. As you can see in this Butter London Slapper image search, several results look like mine! If I see a swatch I like at a blog, I never purchase until I do a little research first, no matter how expensive or inexpensive it may be.

I wish I had the time to photograph every color in different lighting, but I just don’t. Collections of 12 polishes often take an entire Sunday (paint, photograph, remove, repeat, crop, upload, and post), so if I’m not going to show a variety for those collections, then I’m not going to show a variety for other smaller collections, just to keep consistent.

So what are your thoughts on all this debate and/or on my swatches?

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