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Friday’s Fab Five – Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites Starbucks Slow Cooker Chili S'mores Cupcakes Sweater Knit Leggings Apple Cider Recipe

Fall Favorites Starbucks Slow Cooker Chili S'mores Cupcakes Sweater Knit Leggings Apple Cider Recipe

I’m not sure what’s come over me! I’m not usually a big fan of Fall, but for some reason the cool weather outside has put me in the best mood! Inspired by the chill that has finally hit Florida, I thought I’d put together a fall favorites for today’s Fab Five.

  • Any hot beverage from Starbucks, yes please! In particular, their hot chocolate, hot chai tea, or pumpkin spice latte.
  • We love to use our slow cooker throughout fall and winter, and our most heavily rotated recipe is my {24 ingredient} slow cooker chili, a college gameday favorite.
  • I get hooked on s’mores every fall, so I thought it would be fun to try these s’mores cupcakes!
  • Does it get any better, or more comfy, than an over-sized sweater and knit leggings?
  • I’ve been searching for a good hot apple cider from scratch recipe, but the only recipes I can find start with a base ingredient of apple cider lol.

Are you excited about fall? If so, what’s on your must-haves list this season?

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  • http://thefrugalistadiaries.blogspot.com Megan, The Frugalista Diaries

    I just love fall and these are most of my favorite picks.

    • jennifer

      heeeey megan, how are you? so good to hear from you! glad i picked a lot of your favs, great minds ;) have a great weekend!

  • Patti

    Hi Jennifer. I’m still around even though I haven’t commented in a while. Just wanted to tell you I have made your crockpot chili several times since you first posted it last year. I tweaked it a little but not much and it is our fav chili. Just made it a few weeks ago when NFL football kicked off. Love it! Thanks for telling all of us about it. Geaux Saints!

    • jennifer

      you’re so welcome and im so glad you all like it! what tweaks do you make? i love hearing how other people make it :) i made it for college kickoff, as i do every year (my man insists lol), and a few times throughout the season. i hang on to Chinese soup to-go plastic containers and freeze the extra chili. good to hear from you! have a great weekend!

  • Patti

    Well first off, I don’t put any sausage. We just like ground meat in our chili. I use Rotel in place of the diced tomatoes in juice and add a can of stewed tomatoes.The Rotel adds more heat, so I leave out the green chili peppers. I don’t care for bacon, so I leave that out also. Ummmm. Oh yeah I leave out the celery, too. That’s about it. Again, we love it and it’s so easy. Just dump it all in after browning and draining the meat. It is a rather hot flavored chili, but living in Louisiana, we like our food well seasoned. Boy, just talking about it makes me want some right now! Thanks again for this recipe.

    • jennifer

      ohhh thanks for the info on your changes. makes me want some now too lol. maybe this weekend :) you’re so welcome for the recipe. glad ya like it :)

  • Gincy

    Hi Jen,

    Fall is my favorite season! There’s just so many things that are on my fall must have list: I cannot get enough of Fall scented candles from Bath & Body works like Autumn, Leaves, Apple Cider, Fresh Balsam etc; I def stock up on them. Pumpkin Spice lattes & Pumpkin Cofffee are a must and of course knit sweaters, leggings and boots are a dream come true! Ive been meaning to try your delicious recipes although I’m Vegan, just have to attempt them veganized.

    • jennifer

      do they sell apple cider candles at bath and body works??? ive been on a candle and apple cider kick, which actually got me looking for apple cider candles lol. funny you mentioned it!

      • http://www.crumbsandcouture.tumblr.com Gincy

        Sure they do! It’s called “Cider Lane.” You should check it out, they smell so nice in our home, I just love the smell of fall in my house!

        • jennifer

          ohhhhh awesome! thanks so much for the tip!

  • sasha

    i’m pretty sure last year i used this cider recipe:


    but subbed the cider for gala and fuji apple juice straight from the juicer!

    • jennifer

      ohhh thank you so much for the recipe. i attempted an apple cider from scratch recipe this weekend and i will definitely be getting a juicer for next time lol. it actually wasn’t that difficult, and i LOVED the way our house smelled all day while the apples and spices simmered, but when i went to squeeze the pulp through a cheesecloth, i felt like i wasnt getting all the juice out. i used gala apples and it turned out so good.

      do you have a fruit juicer? thanks so much for the tips!

    • jennifer

      hey sasha, thanks again for the recipe. it came through after i was trying one out already, so i thought i’d share what i attempted :) http://www.fabfatale.com/2012/10/apple-cider-recipe/

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