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Help Me Decide – Trina Turk for Julep Maven

Trina Turk has partnered with Julep to design their August Maven color selection and I’m so undecided on which box I should go for this month! I think I’ve narrowed it down to It Girl or Classic With A Twist {which includes a mascara this month}! Oh decisions, decisions lol. Which August Maven Box do you like best?

I’m not sure when this offer expires, if it hasn’t already, but there was a recent deal to get your first box for a penny, and cancel anytime, with Julep promo code PENNY. Try it out, maybe it will work for you!

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Your Thoughts?

  • Lana W.

    I would say Boho Glam or IT Girl!! Both are super cute and sheek!!

    • jennifer

      they’re definitely the more colorful of the bunch, which i’d expect from a trina turk collab. thanks for the vote :)

  • Janine

    I’m usually Classic With A Twist, but this month I switched to Boho Glam. Couldn’t get over the blue and green polishes.

    • Janine

      oh and I added on Annie & Hoch just because I liked them.

      • jennifer

        great add ons. that emerald green is gorgeous!

    • jennifer

      ohhhh that box is actually my fav, but i already have a similar blue and green. those are two of my fav colors of nail polish right now. hope you love it!

  • Ale

    All in all… I am digging classic with a twist!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jennifer

      me too ;) thanks!

  • Brienna

    My husband is so great when it comes to accepting my nail polish addiction and he help me pick my maven box every month. I was so torn this time over which one i wanted that he said he’d pay the $30 upgrade for me. I’m a lucky girl that’s getting all of the colors :D

    • jennifer

      no way, that’s awesome! so you’ll be getting all of the colors? what an amazing husband! he’s a keeper, for sure ;)

  • Denise

    Voting for Classic with a Twist :)

    • jennifer

      i think that’s the winner, for sure :) thanks!

      • Denise

        Hope to see the swatches on future Manicure Mondays! ;)

  • Melissa N.

    I LOVE It Girl!

  • Rebecca H.

    I’m usually Bombshell, but this month I switched to Classic With A Twist. The colours didn’t thrill me, but I really want to try the new mascara.

  • Melanie

    Oh I like Classic with a twist! :)

  • Melanie

    BTW – how do you get these boxes???

    • jennifer

      hey melanie, here’s a link to julep’s website. also, i think, if it’s not expired already, you can try code PENNY to get your first box for one penny :).

      • Melanie

        Woo hoo it worked! Thank you SO much! :)

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I’m getting Classic With A Twist and adding on Delaunay from the IT Girl Box! :)

  • Mandy

    I like Boho Glam and American Beauty. I know that doesn’t help you with you decision. LOL!!!

  • elven johnson

    Classic with a Twist

  • OMG, it was so hard to choose. I stuck with my classic box, and added on the red color (dulaney?).

    I was REALLY tempted to buy the whole collection. Lol. I also what that antique white!

  • Jennifer

    I really like the color scheme of the American Beauty collection, but for my nails I would pick IT Girl :)

  • I’m usually Bombshell but this month I went with Boho Glam and added Sophie :) Tough decision for sure!

  • Mama Mia

    BOHO GLAM would be my choice, but I am wearing Anne (a beautiful purple) right now.
    I love how creamy the polish is when you use it.

  • SO – since I ‘found’ Julep because of your postings, does it help you at all if I tell them that when I sign up?


    • jennifer

      oh you are so nice to ask. actually, if you click on the link in this post, then they will automatically know i’ve sent you ;) thanks so much :)