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Nail Polish Storage Cubes

I had four requirements when shopping for nail polish storage that I thought would be easy to find, but my search went on for weeks. I was looking for the following:

  1. Clear, almost acrylic storage so I could see all of my polish
  2. Drawers for easy access
  3. Stackable storage to make use of vertical space
  4. Height not much taller than my tallest nail polish bottles {my Stripe Rites} so that I don’t waste space.

What I found was large crystal clear shoe drawers at an affordable price of only $13.99 each. Each drawer fits about 60 polishes and they all stack nicely into my armoire. Whenever I want to do a mani, I open the door to my armoire, find the drawer that contains the color I’m looking for, and the drawers slide out for easy access.

Nail Polish Storage Cubes

In addition to meeting all of my expectations, these drawers have slots for optional dividers so that I could easily sort all of my drawers by color. One customizable divider set can separate a drawer once vertically and/or twice horizontally for up to 6 spaces per drawer. I buy one divider set per two drawers so that I can mix-and-match the pieces.

Nail Polish Storage Cubes

Is your nail polish collection as out of control as mine lol? If so, how do you store your nail polish? I hope you’ll share your storage tips.

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Your Thoughts?

  • I’ve been meaning to post my storage for a year now. Ours is similar in that they are see thru :)

    • jennifer

      i thought i had seen yours? instagram maybe? yes, you should def do a post cuz i’m always lookin for news storage ideas :)

  • so pretty…. I store mine in my medicine cabinet, lol, far from glamorous ;) http://www.lovemaegan.com/2011/01/chanel-opi-essie-zoya-butter-rgb.html

    • jennifer

      well, if you ever find yourself running out of medicine cabinet space, as i once did, now you have another option :)

    • Robin

      love Maegan I like your method..It looks nice!

  • Kelly

    Your collection is out of control! I’m green with envy over here. I have a clear similar type of storage but its more frosted than clear.

    • jennifer

      crazy collection, right? lol. wondering how many of these storage cubes ill end up with over time lol.

  • Elizabeth

    These are awesome! I don’t have as many polishes, so I have them in an open bin about the size of one of those drawers, grouped by color. It’s a space waster though, so a drawer would be nice where I could stack other things on top of it.

    • jennifer

      i love that these are stackable. that made them the perfect solution for me :)

  • Wonderful idea! I keep mine in a “helmer” storage unit from Ikea… the one and only reason I’ve made my one and only trip to that store… LOL (hey, the closest one is a 4+ hour drive from my home!).

    I like it because it’s a single unit, all drawers slide out easily, and it is on wheels, so I can pull it out from my closet (where it is “parked”) and wheel it wherever I want, such as if I want to pull it out where there’s better lighting and have a mani party with a friend or my mom. :0)

    • jennifer

      oh how i wish there was an ikea near me!!! ive heard great things about the helmer, and almost ordered one, but we have a built in closet (no floor space), so these were best for me as they fit nicely in my armoire. that helmer is perfect for nail polish for sure!

  • Rebecca H.

    OMG! I love it! I have been storing mine in stackable plastic shoe boxes. Ugh. Not practical at all. I would love to order these, but I would need quite a few and unfortunately that means shipping to Canada would be astronomical. Oh well. I will continue to admire from afar. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • jennifer

      aw, dang! i can imagine that would be pricey to ship to canada.

  • Jinjoo

    Oooooh, perfect!!!! Is this the large or small drawer in the link?

    • jennifer

      i have the large drawers :)

  • This is brilliant. Absolutely going to invest. Thanks!

    • jennifer

      thanks! so happy this storage works for you :)

  • HK

    I agree, totally brilliant! My husband will be glad to have the random drawer in the buffet that I’ve taken over, back.

    • jennifer

      i love that! lol. the things our hubbeys put up with. my polish was stored in double bagged plastic bags under the coffee table for so long. the bags finally started getting holes and i could never find the colors i was looking for, so the storage search began lol.

  • N

    These are perfect…but too pricy for my grad student budget. I have a burgeoning polish collection and am outgrowing my little makeup bag, so I’ve been thinking it’s time to move on to something else.

    I’m wondering if you (or anyone else) has found a similar option that’s a bit less expensive?

  • This is SO much more stylish and organized than my current get-up– an Adidas box! But it fits the 60-70 bottles well… though I definitely need to invest in a better, easier to manage option.

    • jennifer

      well, at least it’s in an Adidas box, rather than any ol shoebox. id say that’s pretty stylish ;)

  • What an awesome find.. I love this idea!

    • jennifer

      thank you so much!

  • I’ve been looking for a storage option, these look great. Thanks for sharing!

    • jennifer

      awesome! hope these storage drawers work out for you :)

  • Sabrina

    That is exactly what I need. I’m just about to outgrow my current Wal-Mart plastic drawer, and need/want something easily movable (for girls nights at other friends houses!), small enough that I can pull out a drawer or 2 and take it to the couch for a mani, and that I can add on later. Perfect!

    • jennifer

      that is exactly why i like these drawers over the popular ikea helmer for nail polish storage… portability :)

  • Fabulous idea and so neat. The question burns though (pardone my curiosity) … how many bottles of nail polish do you have? This would also be great for makeup storage.

    • jennifer

      that question burns for me too lol. ill have to count and get back to you. ive been curious myself ;)

  • My nail polish collection was also out of control. Till I decided to use a few KUPOL drawers from ikea where I store all the polishes by brand (not by color). Then I got these false nail tips, wrote on the stick the polish number+brand and organized then into a portable palette.
    This has turned out to be a good idea: I can take my palette with me when I go shopping for nail polish (no more finding out that I bought exactly the same hue when I got home). And when I want to get a mani done I just take out my palette, choose the colors and go for the brand-labeled drawer and pick up the right nail polish!
    (here’s an image of the first palette, with 52 colors, I’m about to make a second one as I ran out of nail tips http://distilleryimage0.s3.amazonaws.com/10242bb2e92111e18e1522000a1ea03a_7.jpg)

    • jennifer

      this is SOOOO amazing, i can’t even handle it. i couldn’t picture your palette until you shared the pic, and it’s beautiful. almost like a work of art. where did you get the false tips? the clear handles are so pretty and it’s nice that you can write on them. ps – are you on twitter? i’d love to share your pic with my twitter followers :)

      • I got the false tips from ebay.com (item number 130672644312, these cost less than 3$ and shipping is free) and I’m very happy with them. You should see the looks I get when I pull my palette from my purse and start checking the nail polish bottles for the missing color. “May I help you miss” “Sure! Look, I’m looking for the color that goes betweeen this and this one…”

        You can find me on twitter at @bextia (but I tweet only in spanish). But if you want to see my nail art (along with some other random pictures I take) you can check http://bextia.posterous.com . At the august18th post you will find the palette picture. Feel free to share it

        See you!

  • Natalie

    Holy crap, you have so many! I’m quite jealous haha. Mine are all stored in a big makeup bag – and when I start running out of space I throw away the one ones that are getting gross :P

    • jennifer

      im embarrassed to say that my nail polish addiction started 3 years ago, so i dont have any that are goopey and gross just yet LOL. somehow this happened over the last 3 years hahaha. addicted!

  • Brandi

    Love, love LOVE the nail tip palette option. My daughter and I are going to try it ourselves and see how we manage…thanks so much for the fantastic idea!!! This was an all around cool post. :D

  • This is genius. I’ve been doing the Helmer, but I love how you can see all the polish in these!

    • jennifer

      im so happy you like it, thank you so much! yes, clear nail polish storage was a feature i was looking for, and these are perfect {clear, great height, stackable, drawers, and portable}. if you have the helmer, then i assume you are quite the nail polish collector as well ;)

      • Haha oh yes! Such a big collector! ;)

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  • vbs

    where do i get these boxes? they are the perfect height for nail polish. I need them!

    • jennifer

      hey vbs, i link to the boxes in the post :) i hope this helps and let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Thank you sooo much for the idea! I currently have a Caboodle (yes! So 90s) and am thinking of actually using it for makeup but my new fascination has been nail polish and I seem to have gone bazerk!

    • jennifer

      caboodle, that’s so 80s actually, and i love! i still have mine from when i was little lol. i actually thought about getting another one for my nail polish storage until i found these cubes ;) i completely understand bazerk. my love for nail polish was not gradual at all. one day i liked it and the next day i went bazerk lol. im now known as the nail polish lady amongst my friends and family lol. if you try out these cubes, you’ll have to send me a pic on my facebook page :) take care!

      • I bought them last night! “Just” two for now. I took this pic of the collection but then, since I didn’t even know about base coats, I bought a few more O.P.I. last night. This is sooo much fun for me and being organized is even more fun! So thanks again!

        • jennifer

          ohhhhh awesome. did you get a divider also? i get one divider (because they can be mixed and matched) per 2 shoe storage boxes. looking forward to a pic of your organization. i stored my polish in a plastic bag before i got organized lol. enjoy!

          • I did. Only I didn’t read your advice and bought two. Which, considering I’ve bought about 10 more O.P.I. nail polishes and nail art supplies (super finds on ebay and drugstore.com), it looks like I will need another box soon ;)


            I am donating a few colors to my sister’s cause (I am not a fan of Crackle and bought like 6 not knowing) since we’re both on a nail kick right now.

        • Susan

          Where did you get them?

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  • Chelsea

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been searching everywhere for some sort of nail polish organizer that keeps my polishes free of dust (dusting those tiny bottles is a real pain) and that has enough room for all the ones I have, and plan to have. This is perfect!!

    • Fab Fatale

      hey chelsea! you’re so welcome! i hope they work for you. im up to 6 boxes already and have given away about half of my collection. im a bit of a nail polish junkie LOL.

  • Susan

    I’ve read this about five times and I don’t see where you got them. That would be a big help. Also, how did you store your Julep polish? Is is just on a shelf or is it in a box of some kind? the picture is too close up to be able to tell. Thanks.

    • jenn

      Actually…The clear ones are super pricey. I bought one for $14. Found cheaper ones at The Container Store – search for small stackable drawer. They come in different colors for $7

    • Fab Fatale

      hey susan, if you look under the ordered list, the text “crystal clear shoe drawers” is clickable to the product :) hope this helps!

    • Fab Fatale

      oh, just saw your second question. the storage is clear drawers, so the julep polish is standing up inside of the clear drawers. hope this helps and let me know if you have any further questions :)

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  • Esther

    Hi!! I’m loving this idea! I wanted to get a rack but I’m nervous about it hangin on the wall so this is perfect and looks so cute! I noticed you got the large size which becomes a bit expensive if I get a couple boxes. Do you know if the nail polishes will fit in the small container? Same product but the size is small instead of large. They are also almost half price :)

    • Fab Fatale

      hey esther, im so happy you love the nail polish storage. i love the drawers better than wall racks because i hate it when my nail polish bottles get dusty, and since these are clear drawers, you can still find what you’re looking for pretty easily. i’m really not sure about the small containers. what i would do if i were you is measure your tallest bottle of nail polish and then compare that to the height of the small container. that’s what i did. the stripe rite and julep bottles were pretty tall, so the large worked best for me. let me know if you pick one up :)

  • Kellie

    It’s cute but $15 is a bit too high for a shoe box. I’m thinking about getting a Helmer from Ikea for $40 which holds a ton more polishes. Right now I have oodles of polishes in cardboard boxes and I can’t find anything without digging several boxes.

    • Fab Fatale

      they were $11, but it looks like the price went up. the helmer is a perfect option. very popular amongst nail polish addicts :) i chose these since they fit in my bookshelf so they wouldn’t take up any floor space. i also liked that they are clear. if you get the helmer, i hope you’ll share a pic of your organized collection :)

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  • jess

    Like this idea! Looks like I need more nail polish though :-) There are some cool storage ideas for storage and I like the access to them as well.



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  • Binx Cat

    Hi Jen – I bought a nail polish rack off Ebay for $25. It holds up to 72 polishes. Of course as you can see, I dedicated an entire shelf of my linen closet to “nail supplies”. I have my cotton balls and polish removers (in shipping boxes) to the left, sponges for designs to the right, and the pink envelope on the top shelf holds my templates and designs. If I keep buying polish though I may have to steal your acrylic drawer idea!

  • chantel lord

    Did you get the large or the small?

  • Christina Crossey

    I use a toolbox for mine but am looking for another alternative as I have outgrown my toolbox :( but it’s an AWESOME option for someone who has 30-40 and minimal other stuff. My dryers and tools and such are currently sitting in a Rubbermaid as they don’t fit in the toolbox. Love your storage idea, though I’m looking for a all in one option as I do my nails every couple of days lol. Here’s mine I shared on Instagram two weeks ago, feel free to follow me as I often post pics of my nails :)
    My names Christina and I am a nailartaholic.