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Manicure Mondays – Zoya Melodie

Zoya Melodie Swatch Bundle Monster 210 Plate

Happy Manicure Mondays! How was your weekend? Mine was good and lazy, mostly just sitting around watchin the Olympics. Gold medals and world records get me all choked up lol. There have definitely been some amazing “made for movie” moments.

Today I thought I’d do a simple, pretty, summer nail art manicure. I love using a nail stamp to put a flat color over a sparkly polish, there’s something about the combo that gives the manicure the illusion of depth. For this manicure I used Zoya Melodie, the perfect nude beige peach pink shimmer {swatched on it’s own below}, topped with a light blue Konad polish and Bundle Monster’s plate 210 flower design.

Zoya Melodie Swatch - Nude Peach Pink Shimmer Nail Polish

So what do you all think of my summer nail art? Is this floral nail stamping design something you would try?

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Your Thoughts?

  • I like it! I just gave myself an ombre manicure & pedicure. Thank you for your manicure Mondays.

    • jennifer

      ohhh that’s awesome. do you have a link you can share {instagram, twitpic?}. so happy you’re enjoying manicure mondays… thanks!

      • I’m Bonnie Clyde on Facebook. I posted picture on your FB.

        • jennifer

          ohhh that’s you, ok. saw it, liked it, and commented this morning. i love it! :) thanks for sharing!

  • Zohra

    Love it! I really like the contrast the two shades offer

    • jennifer

      thank you so much. i thought it was interesting that two light colors provided such great contrast {maybe due to the flat color over shimmer?}… i was pleasantly surprised at how well the two colors went together when i swiped on the blue polish lol.

  • This looks lovely.. and more so because I have found myself madly in love with this light shade of blue.

    I watched your manicure video and have had great success with your hints. Thanks so much for sharing it. Still not 100% as neat as yours, but 80% better than how my nails were looking.

    Have a stunning week.

    • jennifer

      i LOVE light blue too. i’m hooked on all shades of blue, actually. there’s rarely a blue nail polish that i ever pass up in stores hahhaha.

      im so happy my manicure video helped you out. that’s awesome. the rest just comes with practicing those techniques :) hope you have a great week as well, thanks!

  • Brienna

    I love that Zoya color!! I’ve been looking for a good nude color. Just may have to order that one :)

    I really need to get on the stamping bandwagon. I’ve been doing my best to resist but I’m thinking I’m going to have to give in.

    • jennifer

      u do have to get on the nail stamping bandwagon. it’s so fun and the possibilities are endless :)

  • Brienna

    Oh! I also want to add that I completely agree. The flat color on top of the sparkle really does give the manicure some cool depth. I’ll have to keep that little trick in mind!

    • jennifer

      i learned that trick when i started working with crackle nail polish… when it was layered over a glitter, it looked like a stained glass window :)

  • Mikaela

    Ohhh I Love this! The colors are so pretty! I would love to try it

    • jennifer

      im so happy you love it! thanks!

  • BreAnnNicole

    Melodie is such a pretty shade! How long did it take you to perfect your stamping technique? I always get frustrated & give up!

    • jennifer

      i did cuss a little bit in the beginning, but once i got it, i got it and now it’s so easy. the trick for me is that my stamper wasn’t picking up the polish. i had to buff my stamper with a nail file, only a little bit, so that it wasn’t too slick to pick up the polish. also, are you using konad polish? i would start with the name brand polish until you get it down. hope this helps :)

      • BreAnnNicole

        I’m so glad you suggested buffing the bottom of the stamper bc I would’ve never thought of that, and my #1 issue with stamping is that the polish wouldn’t stick on. Also, yes, I am using the konad polish still! I figured I’d better try to master that before I went fancier hehe

  • So gorgeous! You are so creative! I love the shimmery nude color…haven’t really seen anything like that lately. Perfect color to transition from summer into early fall!

    • jennifer

      im so happy you like it, thanks! sometimes i need a departure from all the crazy nail art and bright colors that are so popular right now.

  • cass

    I think I asked you already, but oh well…….how do you maintain your cuticles so well?? They always look so awesome!!

  • So pretty! I love how subtle the pattern is- this would make a STUNNING manicure for a wedding. Subtle and pretty, with a tiny bit of blue ;)

    • jennifer

      i love that idea. this would be the perfect something blue :)

  • Celina

    Another amazing manicure. I want to buy the polish(es) you swatch every. single. time. Great for my nails, bad for my wallet! ;)

  • Heidi

    I love it! I have been completely into light and nude shades recently, so this is great!

    • jennifer

      im so happy you love it! thank you!

  • Brienna

    Looks like Zoya doesn’t make Melodie anymore? I can’t seem to find it on their site. Sad day :(

    • jennifer

      i know :( that’s such a bummer. that’s why i linked to it at amazon. hopefully they still have some left?

  • Hannah

    This is so beautiful! I need to get me some stamps. The quality and sharpness is just unmatched. No way you can recreate that by hand.

    • jennifer

      Yes, you do need to get some stamps! They’re so fun and the possibilities are endless. And yes, you’re so right, you just can’t get that design as precise freehand. They have stamps for every occasion, so you can always be festive :)