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Manicure Mondays – Sally Hansen’s Smooth And Perfect

Happy Manicure Mondays! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I have the Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect collection swatches for you, along with my very mixed review below. I used 3 coats of each color and all pics were taken in direct sunlight.

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Collection - Sorbet Swatch

Sorbet is a beautiful peach nail polish with a pearly shimmer.

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Collection - Linen Swatch

Linen is a white nail polish with a pearl shimmer, comparable to Fog below, however it has a tint of gray pink peach.

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Collection - Fog Swatch

Fog is a white nail polish with a pearl shimmer.

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Collection - Dune Swatch

Dune is a gorgeous champagne shimmer nail polish.

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Collection - Air Swatch

Air is a beautiful blue pearl shimmer nail polish. This would make a perfect “something blue” nail polish for a bride-to-be.

My Thoughts On Sally Hansen’s Smooth And Perfect

The only love I have for this collection is the colors and the pearl finish of each nail polish. I am wild about the colors, and they are perfect for summer; however, the application of this collection was awful. I couldn’t wear the polish sheer because it was way too streaky, yet trying to build the color was also a pain. As you can tell above, the ends of my nails look a little thick because it took 3 coats to get this polish somewhat streak free, but you can still see streaks and visible nail lines.

Unlike it’s name, the collection is anything but smooth and perfect! Overall, I’m not a fan of this collection, which is too bad because I really love all of the colors!

So what do you think of the Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect collection? Do you own any of these colors, and if so, what do you think of the application?

The products mentioned in this post were sent to me by the merchant or their PR company. All opinions are 100% my own. For more info, please view my full disclosure policy.

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Your Thoughts?

  • I saw this pop on my FB feed and immediately hopped over to see what your thoughts were and I cannot agree enough with your review of these! I have the blue one and a light pink color (I think) of this formula and I really, really dislike them. The application was just as you described. I definitely disagreed with these being called “Smooth and Perfect” as they are far from it! I love all the Sally Hansen nail polish lines, which is why I picked up two bottles of this formula, but was definitely disappointed in them!

    • jennifer

      im glad you stopped by with a comment and that it wasnt just me that had trouble with the polish. as you can see, the tips of my nails look thick (lots of coats), yet there are still streaks.

      what did you pay for your bottles, do you remember? i’ve seen a lot of people say they got them on sale, maybe they were on sale for a reason lol. good thing they didn’t pay full price! :/

      • I got them on sale at CVS (where I get most of my drugstore makeup!), otherwise, I probably would have returned them! They probably came out to be less than $2 a piece, I can’t remember.

  • I was looking at these the other day and now I’m glad I didn’t get them. I do like the color of the Linen, Fog, and Air. Bummer since I was looking for some new colors.

    • jennifer

      i thought these were creams at first, and was disappointed that they were pearls. then when i came to terms with that, thinking the pearls would be pretty as a sheer coat, then i was disappointed that it was streaky and couldn’t be worn sheer lol. it was a lose/lose with this polish lol.

  • Yes, I feel like a lot of their polish requires several coats because of streaks. I hate that! But they do have very pretty colors!

    • jennifer

      i like the formula of their complete salon manicure polishes best, but the brushes are a little weird to me. i LOVE a wide brush, but theirs is wide and thick, so it’s hard to get next to my fingers without getting polish all over them.

  • Nancy

    Me too! I was curious to your comments as I didn’t like application either, way to streaky and didn’t want to spend so much time on nails than normal. I tried Air because color is so pretty. I am not used to light colors so this was a change for me.

    Love your nails Jenn! They are such a pretty shape! Thanks for the review!

    • jennifer

      aren’t the colors beautiful? too bad the formula is so messed up. totally unexpected from sally hansen :( thanks so much for the compliment on my nails. so nice of you to say :)

  • jennifer

    aren’t the colors beautiful? too bad the formula is so messed up. totally unexpected from sally hansen :( thanks so much for the compliment on my nails. so nice of you to say :)

  • Oh I do love those colors! But I bet there are dupes out there that go on better. I love your polish reviews. So honest… and helpful! I’d probably snatch up that Dune color in a second in store without knowing it’s not a great application, but now I know, so thanks!

    • jennifer

      if you come across any dupes, i hope you’ll share because i really love the colors. dune is really pretty, probably my favorite of the bunch :)

      • Oh I for sure will, and I KNOW you will ;)

  • Such a bummer. I too, am a fan of SH, and liked several of the colours you swatched. I may try one for myself. Do you think I white base coat would have helped?

    • jennifer

      i think a white base coat would have worked great under the white shimmers, like fog and linen, but i think you would probably still see streaks with a white base coat under the other colors :(

      • Awww total sad face

  • Natalie

    I just bought my first Sally Hansen nail polish – an insta-dri one (colour: Quick Sand – I wanted something neutral so I could get away with wearing it to work lol). I quite liked it and it was really nice to apply! I wonder why this particular line is so rubbish?

    • jennifer

      i assume this one was bad since it’s a different formula with the pearly frosty finish. not sure, but it’s too bad since the colors are so beautiful! i just looked up quick sand – what a beautiful neutral. i love it!

  • So glad that I read this review before going out to purchase the nail polish! Thanks for your honest review!

    • jennifer

      you’re so welcome. glad i could help :)

  • These are all gorgeous! I especially love sucker and air :)

    • jennifer

      HA, your comment made me LOL. did you mean sorbet? iPhone auto-correct maybe?

  • Kelly

    I love the air color but agree with your application review. Absolutely terrible! Its a shame because its a beautiful colored collection

    • jennifer

      yeah, i was so surprised and totally bummed out. not at all what ive come to expect from sally hansen :/

  • Jenny

    Don’t give up on them! Look here: http://nailblog.net/notd-seafoam-french-with-flakies/

    I think they’d be useful in doing jelly sandwiches or funky french tips :)

    • jennifer

      hmmmm maybe i should give them another shot in a nail art mani. love your french! thanks so much for sharing!

  • Ad

    Wow, I really like the Air one, but with that formula…I’ll say pass this time.

    • jennifer

      id definitely save your money on these. i thought maybe i just got a bum set of polishes, but i saw other bloggers give it a similar review :( sally hansen makes a bunch of much better polishes, but it is too bad because these colors are so pretty!