Manicure Mondays – Outline Border Nails

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Outline Border Nails

I wish I could remember where I saw outline nails for the first time. I feel like it was in an ad or on the runway, but I can’t seem to find it for the life of me.

I was so excited to try the outline nails trend and went for it with another neon and neutral manicure {more neon and neutrals at my ombre nails}. As I did for my Chanel nail art, I put down the outline color first, the neon pink nail polish, and then filled in with the neutral leaving a small gap of pink around the cuticle and sides. I used OPI’s Did You’ear About Van Gogh? because it has a wide brush, and fewer strokes means cleaner lines.

I took the neutral all the way across my tips, allowed that to dry well, and then came back and connected the outline by free-handing the tips with more pink. I was shocked at how easy it was to free-hand a straight line at my tips with a few short strokes. To prevent smearing, allow the mani to dry fairly well before topping with a quick dry top coat.

Outline Border Nails

I’d love to hear from you all. Is this outline border manicure something you would try?

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